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27/100 Yahoo! Modern Classic Movies

Wonder what the top 100 Modern classics might be since 1990, well Yahoo recently published just such a list.

I figured I would have been able to mark off a lot more in the 100 then 36, but there are a suprising amount of foreign flicks, plus quite a few from the last couple years, and then there was the time I was pretty busy with the military (2001-2003) even though part of it I worked in a movie store. There are quite a few that I probably should see, but when there are some that I should see, there are some that i obviously haven't been in a rush to see.

I fully plan on watching quite a few of these in the near future because I didn't realize some of these movies are so highly tauted. So maybe by the end of the year I should be up to 50 movies. I mean that only gives me 14 that I need to watch to have half of them watched.

At quick thought, just because I will end up over thinking it, my top 10 of the ones I have actually watched/seen include:
Groundhog Day
Forrest Gump
Big Lebowski
Saving Private Ryan
Fight Club
The Matrix
Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Shaun of the Dead
40 Year Old Virgin

My top 2 are Fight Club and Shaun of the Dead, with Fight Club beating out Shaun of the Dead, but barely.

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