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Comets secure playoff postition with a 15-11 win over the Wings

Comets came into this game after a brutal match against the Chicago Soul which saw the Comets get just one goal and that wasn't till the final seconds of the game. The best thing for the Comets would have been to just forget about it and focus on winning this game and getting a playoff spot.

1st QTR
This quarter started off much like the last game which saw the Comets playing well but not even getting shoes off, but allowing the Wings to score three goals and take an 0-6 lead. The Comets needed to quickly change things or this game could have easily ended the same way as the previous match.

2nd QTR
Not sure what the Comets Head Coach said during the break but the Comets found the spark they needed and took the lead in under two minutes of the 2nd quarter which included two 3-point goals from Brian Harris. That was pretty much it though besides both teams trading a lot of fouls. The Comets seemed happy to take an 8-6 lead into the half.

3rd QTR
Again before I forget Comets GK Danny Waltman had some huge saves that the Wings really should have scored on and was sure to be frustrating the Wings and the harder they tried the worse it seem to get but the Comets weren't pushing back enough and the Wings were finally able to net a tieing goal.

4th QTR
Started off a bit nerve racking as the Wings retook the lead only 30 seconds into the 4th quarter. The Comets then seemed to gain a calmness about them and just took care of business netting three more goals to include a late 3-pointer to finalize the victory over the Wings 15-11.

With this win the Comets were able to secure their spot in the playoffs although it is not finalized as to wheter they will be playing against the Blast or the Wave, which should be determined after their final match up against the Chicago Soul which they recently played against before this Wings match up and hopefully they are looking for a bit of payback, but they may try to go light and just get prepared for the playoffs.


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