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Comets get big victory over Wings to lead season series 3-1

Comets came into this game hoping to still ride the high from the much needed and big win over Syracuse. The Comets have done fairly well at home this season but have still had their struggles. The Wings have really picked up the pace lately to even include beating the Comets in their last match up in Whicita. So this game was sure to be an interesting one. The way these two teams play each other it is never surprising to see somebody ejected before the end.

1st Quarter
I mentioned something about being interesting before and the first quarter didn't dissappoint. The Comets took an early lead and it was clear that this game was going to be physical. The Comets saw three blue cards and a yellow card in the first quarter which is something you normally don't see in an entire game. Regardless the Wings were able to take a 7-3 lead over the Comets with one of their goals being a 3 point goal that took a deflection off Leo Gibson who seemed to be trying to get out of the way for GK Waltman to make the save but just didn't work out.

2nd Quarter
Just as entertaining as the first quarter was the second quarter was as well but quite a bit milder as the Comets were able to keep all their players on the field for the entire quarter. That helped the Comets to pull ahead of the Wings 14-9 at the end of the second quarter. Sosa scored two fo the five goals in this quarter which gave the Comets a huge lift.

3rd Quarter
I mentioned that this game would most likely get an ejection and with the way the Comets kept getting fouls against the Wings I would of figured it would have been a Comets player. Well actually it was a former Comets player and current Wings player Geison that ended up being ejected. This was a good thing as the Comets continued to play much like they did to end the first half netting three more goals all being two pointer, but more importantly the Comets kept the Wings scoreless to take a 20-9 lead to end the third quarter.

4th Quarter
Luckily this game ended with only one player being sent off, which is really quite surprising but also a good thing as I'm also surprised there was no major injuries. The Comets were able to finish off the Wings scoring another two goals and only allowing the Wings to score one goal in this quarter. The Comets are probably pretty happy to string together two wins back to back as they closed out this game 24-11 and get set to play again shortly against the Wave.

Winning can be contagious and hopefully the Comets have been able to catch it and can get themselves back on track to make a run into the playoffs and potentionally at the championship, but there are still a lot of games left and time will tell.


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