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Comets take down the Ambush for the third time this season.


Comets looked primed to take down the St. Louis Ambush after easily handling the Wave last week in what looked like a very easy game for the Comets, but sometimes you have to worry about those trap games more than the difficult games as the Ambush being five games into the season have lost three of their games with two of them coming against the Comets. So again the Comets looked favored to win the match before it even started but then what would be the fun in all that?

1st Qtr
St. Louis immediately started the game with a lot of pressure but the Comets wasted no time on getting on the board scoring within 90 seconds off a rebound to put them up 2-0 very early in the game. After the first goal it seemed as St. Louis, the team not the player for the Comets, were not happy and seemed to get a bit aggressive. Something that the Comets appeared that they were not going to put up with. The Comets continued their strong play that we saw in their last match against the Wave and finished the quarter on top 8-0. ideally they shouldn't get relaxed but with them already being up they easily could. Onto the second quarter.

2nd Qtr
The Ambush most likely worried about another blow out finally found some play and were able to put about as many points on the board that the Comets did the first quarter but were unable to keep the Comets from putting another six points on the bard to maintain a 14-7 lead going into the third quarter. The Ambush was showing flashes of being able to compete but if the Comets can play like they did in the previous match and the way they started this match then the Ambush wouldn't have a chance.

3rd Qtr
Bit of an off quarter as both teams traded goals in this quarter as it came to an end 16-9. The Comets seemed to be trying to force three point goals, none of which they got, and the Ambush got very aggressive and ended up sending two of their players to the penalty box, one of them being sent their twice.

4th Qtr
The Ambush really did try to come back in this game but just seemed to exhaust themselves as they were only able to net two hard fought goals while allowing four goals with two of them coming from Comets captain Vahid Assadpour. With the third and fourth goals giving the Comets their biggest lead of the game which would come to an end at 24-13 and putting the Comets up 3-0 on the season series.


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