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Comets take down the Wave 17-9 in final regular season match up

The Comets came into this game after a pretty bad game against Blast that was close for most of the game but got out of hand late. The Comets were sure to get back on the right track and needed to in order to ensure that they were able to make it into the playoffs. They came into this game needing to win two more games to ensure that they get to the playoffs and this game was sure to be a tough one but the Comets were able to pull it all together and beat the top team in the league this year in the Wave and split the season series with Milwaukee 2-2.

1st QTR
Comets came on very strong but Milwaukee were able to hold off any close attempts. I say close attempts but it could have also been viewed as the Comets were not finishing their chances. Playing against a team like the Wave, who are hands down one of the best teams in indoor soccer, you have to come ready to play and finish any chances you you get otherwise you'll have hell to pay and the Comets had just that as were down 0-4 at the end of the 1st quarter.

2nd QTR
I thought this was going to be a lot of the same as the 1st quarter but Mr. Comet himself, lately, Leo Gibson came alive and just about got a hat trick in the 2nd quarter, but was able to net two goals which allowed the Comets to level the score 4-4 at the end of the 2nd quarter. Really the Comets should have pulled ahead possibly 8-4, as Milwaukee didn't provide much offense but a little, but were not finishing their chances still.

3rd QTR
Before I forget to write this down I want to make sure I say that GK Danny Waltman saved the Comets asses with a huge save about halfway through the 3rd quarter that was quite possibly a game changer as the Wave should have scored when Assadpour and another Comets players failed to track back in time to cover defense. The Comets over all played really good this quarter despite the long goal netted by the wave, again players didn't track back to play defense. The Comets however were able to net two more goals for themselves and take an 8-6 lead.

4th QTR
Comets were looking to end this game smartly and kept pushing more so after the wave nearly tied it up. And even eventually brought out their sixth attacker, which for the most part was ineffective. The Comets took a 14-9 lead for most the 4th quarter and netted a Wave sixth attacker open goal with six seconds left in game to seal the victory and tie the season series at two a piece.

These two are sure to meet each other in the playoffs and/or and most likely the best scenario the finals to finish out the MISL season. The Comets still need to win one more game though to ensure that they make it into the playoffs and there are three games left with two of them being against the Chicago Soul.


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