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Comets fall to Soul 2-13 and still a win a way from playoff spot

Comets came into this game needing just one more win to ensure their place in the playoffs. They were able to pick up a much needed win on Sunday and against the league leaders in the Milwaukee Wave and in what was a very interesting game. Chicago hasn't had the greatest season but came into this game two games behind the Comets and also in fourth place additionally trying to lock up a playoff spot but needing a bit more accomplished than the Comets.

1st QTR
Well GK Danny Waltman sure got a workout as the Soul were able to take 0-4 lead. They weren't playing bad but both goals came at bad times, one of them being from a restart. The Comets were able to get several shots on Chicago but their defense was playing very solid and the Comets were having a difficult time breaking them down and netting a goal themselves.

2nd QTR
This quarter unlike the first was pretty brutal as the Soul seemed to figure out how to play against the Comets and the Comets after playing decent in the 1st quarter seemed to actually play worse during the 2nd quarter and were fortunate to have only allowed two more goals and be trailing 0-8 at the half.

3rd QTR
This game is about as odd as you can get. Rarely does a team go three quarters without scoring yet the Comets trailed the Soul 0-11 at the end of the 3rd. Leo Gibson was sent off and he is one of the leading scorers for the Comets so an come back would have been even more difficult. This match up has just not been a good one for the Comets as most of the shots were will off target.

4th QTR
I think its safe to say that the Comets were just completely outplayed in this match up and the only highlight was GK Waltman's shot on goal that just missed. Thats even with Brian Harris getting the long goal, with just 6 seconds left, for the Comets and at least keeping the Soul from getting a shut out.

Obviously the Comets came into this game needing just one more win to ensure a place in the playoffs and come out of this game still needing just one more win, but now have only two more games to get that win to include a rematch against the Chicago Soul in Chicago to close out the season before the playoffs start. Ideally it would be nice to see the Comets win both games and at least finish out the season at .500 winning percentage.


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