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Comets fight hard but lose in opening game of MISL Championship series against the Blast

The Comets came into this this championship series narrowly escaping yet another loss to the Wave (actually two including the mini game). This is the third championship series since the MISL reformed in 2010 with the Baltimore Blast being in the championship series each of the three years, but have been unable to win a championship. So they are really hoping third times a charm. Combine that with the Blast leading the season series 3-1 (overall since 2010 9-3) and the Comets are sure to have an up hill battle on their hands.

1st Qtr
You know how a lot of times teams start off slow to try and feel each other out to see how they might play? Well this wasn't one of those times. Both the Comets and the Blast got after each other very quickly. Most likely because they wanted to try and get the early lead which worked for the Blast as the 1st quarter ended 6-2 withe the Blast on top. All four goals did come in the first half of the 1st quarter, so hopefully that isn't telling as to whether this game would be slowing down or not as that could hurt the Comets especially if they carry it into the next game.

2nd Qtr
I don't want to say it was looking bad for the Comets but it wasn't looking good as the Blast continued dominating the play of the ball. I don't know if the Comets just weren't ready for this level of game but the Blast appeared as if they were playing on a whole different level all together and the finished out the 2nd quarter 2-14.

3rd Qtr
Well at least this quarter went a bit better for the Comets with them cutting the Blast lead down to just 8 as the Comets found some form scoring three goals and allowing only one goal. 3rd quarter ended 8-16 with the Blast still on top. Hopefully its not because the Blast are trying to go into cruise control because the Comets will fight till the end.

4th Qtr
And fight the Comets did all the way till the just about the buzzer as Assadpour spent about half of the 4th quarter in as a 6th attacker and I believe that everybody just spent about as much energy that they could spend trying to get some sort of result but literally just fell short getting as close as trailing 12-18 and fighting off several 3 point shots until they just couldn't get back in time against two attacking Blast players with less than 10 seconds on the clock which would then see the game end 12-21.

The Comets started off very weak but were able to slowly develop some form as the game went on and if they want to have a chance at this this championship trophy then they need to keep that form in the next game and the mini series and it will still be a fight.


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