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56/100 MLB All-Star Game 2010

I've been trying to follow baseball a lot closer this year and thought I was doing goo. That is until this last month while the World Cup has been on, thus allowing the MLB All-Star game this year to sneak up on me.

The All-Star game also known as the mid-summer classic is entering its 81st game and is being played at Angels Stadium of Anaheim in California. I usually try to watch this game because it allows me to see who the best players are and basically which teams are doing the best, because the fans vote the players in, but the managers still pick the starting lineup, and generally seem to pick players they either know or are trully good and usually play for good teams. (Sorry to Zach Greinke)

The all-star game allong with the home run derby are probably the most watched MLB TV event besides, maybe game 6 and/or 7 of the world series, if its between two major teams, but that hasn't been so much lately.

This year will probably feel a little different, especially with some last minute alterations because it was also announced that George Steinbrenner, NY Yankees owner and huge figure for MLB, passed away from a heart attack just days after he turned 80. This is a huge shock for baseball, and I'm sure he will be greately missed. Even by Boston Redsox players and fans.

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