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76/100 Meditating

Something that I've always been interested in, but just never managed to say focus enough to consistently follow is meditation.

I came across an article that describes meditation as being mystifying and confusing to the truth seeker. I can personally agree with that for the most part. I've always thought that meditation was suppose to be a time of reflection, where you can find your depp inner thoughts or just let your mind go completely blank and then your suppose to find some sort of calm spot within yourself.

I would always like to be able to find a calm spot, but overall I think I do a pretty good job, but I feel like that the times that I sometimes do get mad, it seems a bit much for my liking. I mean I don't go off destroying stuff, because I have enough restraint to not do that.

Personally I think that meditation is something that can help a lot of people, but most people think that it takes a lot of work. Actually I don't think it does at all, because I have sometimes found my self in that moment while in the middle of run, especially longer ones. So if you think you could use meditation, you probably already have your own form of meditation.


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