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77/100 My Experience in Boot Camp

9 years ago this summer I was going through what 99% of Americans will never compete, and what 100% of people go through most likely call hell. Just what could this personal hell possibly be?

United States Marin Corp Basic Training in San Diego/Camp Pendleton California. Yeah I know who could ever hate being in San Diego California, well if you ask a Marin who has gone through MCRD San Diego they will tell you just how much they loved it. (saying that sarcastically)

Personally I thought the hardest part was the physical exhaustion that you go through. But I do tell everbody that ask me about basic training, that you have to be mentally though. Because the Drill Instructors will get you through the physical part, but you have to get yourself through the mental part.

I saw some pretty big bad asses drop out just because they couldn't deal with the stress anymore. Yet if you don't push yourself physically then the Drill Instructors don't hesitate dropping you back, most of the time.

All-in-All its a life changing experience for anybody that even completes half of the training and I am no exception. I just can' believe that it will be 10 year next August that I graduated Marine Boot Camp.


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