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35/100 Marathon Running

In the last several months I have taken to being healthier and have started running more. I have recently ran a 5K race and this past weekend ran a completely abnormal type of race. While becoming healthier and running more I have become inspired to attempt a marathon. Actually I would love to run a triathlon, but I figure I should probably start smaller.

A marathon is a 26.2 mile course that is very trying especially if you attempt to run the whole thing. You can't just decide to run a marathon, you must train and prepare for it. I have taken to a 16-week training schedule, which to me seems like a marathon by itself. I was training for a half marathong before and had gotten up to 10 miles during training but then quit because I got busy. this 16-week training schedule should actually work out perfectly because the marathon I plan on running occurs the same day that my schedule has me running the marathon.

I haven't made it that far into the training yet, but the next thing I should probably do is actually sign up for the marathon, but I need to save up a little dough first. Guess I should start selling some stuff.

If your interested I suggest you look into it. if not for fun at least to start being healtier like I'm trying to be. The KC Marathon also has a half marathon, 5K run, and kid's marathon, which seem's interesting by itself. I hope to see you out there, and try not to make me look bad.


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