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85/100 Man Caves

Something that you probably hear about more and more lately is something called a man cave. Just what could this crazy contraption be? Well sorry ladies, its not a place you can put your husband in and keep him locked up, but it is something that your man probably wouldn't mind being locked up in.

A man cave or mantuary as it is sometimes called is like a sanctuary for a guy and most likely several friends depending on the type of cave to retreat to and get that proverbial getting away from it all type of place. A man cave can be any type of room really to include any sort of items that a specific man would want. Looking at an article, says that it could even help a marriage. Now I cannot say that is true or not, but I can defiantly see the argument in that idea.

Personally, my man cave would be like a personal home theater where I could watch movies and play video games. Now I know better then to just make it a personal room for me, and I would obviously have to share it, but think about it guys. How nice would it be to have a place to go to when friends came over that you could go hang out in and shoot the shit, watch the game, watch old favorite movies that your wife thinks are completely retarded, or play some video games and you could be somewhat loud (depending on the time) and not have to worry about if your bothering somebody.

What your man cave have in it?


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