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81/100 Making Your Own Salsa

My last post was about making beer, and how it had become a recent interest of possibly pursuing. Salsa on the other had is something that I have always enjoyed, and have always had somewhat thoughts of trying to make my own, but again. I just have never really put my mind to it. Usually when I fully pursue something it is usually tech inclined, because that is something that I have always know and been able to somewhat easily figure out. Making something with my hand, like a food product or building something from scratch is just something that I haven't really ever been good at. I'm great at following directions and/or instructions (Probably the reason why I love LEGOs and putting furniture together that comes in a box.)

Salsa seems like something that shouldn't be hard, but when your really think about it, I'm willing to bet that it can actually get quite complex. I mean trying to get the right amount of all the different ingredients in it. I know that you can royal mess it up, because I have had some salsa that were unbearable, even by my standards. Like for example Mango Salsa, that stuff is nasty.

I think another reason why I haven't tried to make some of this stuff, is because my wife is a good cook anyway, and I usually enjoy what see makes, including the bean dip that she will sometimes make for me on Sundays when football is in season.

If you have any really good, and easy to make salsas, let me know and I might just have to try it.


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