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89/100 MacBook Pro

I recently had my 28th birthday, and the major thing that I wanted was an external hard drive, please see the previous post. Well I was completely caught off by surprise and was given a 13" MacBook Pro.

I have been wanting a mac for several years, but was under the impression that I wouldn't get one, till I was most likely debt free, which is going alright. It has been a good learning experience too, and I am very slowly trying to get all my old files, which filled up most my new mac, organized into the proper folders. Mac is suppose to be very organized I guess, and I'm trying to get to that point, but I have a lot of work to do, and I'm a busy person.

Apple tends to put out amazing products and I rarely hear complaints from family and friends that they don't like their product, which is usually just an iPod or iPhone, but there are few complaints. One of the things that is really cool with the MacBook Pro or MBP as some people call it, is the track pad, that allows different things to happen when you use one, two, three, and four fingers, but I would really like to get one of those magic mouses for it, because I click on the track pad and something happens that I didn't want. I guess that is just part of the learning experience of becoming a mac owner.

I'm sure I will start posting more and more about the mac, but right now I am just trying to learn as much as I could, after all I have only had it like 3 weeks. I am glad to have all my music back though.


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