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31/100 Lightning Bugs

I was recently running fairly late at night and came across something that I don't think I've actually seen in a couple years, or maybe my adult eye just wasn't paying attention too. Lightning Bugs and not just a few of them but several as I was running in my neighborhood.

Maybe all the rain we've had in the midwest lately has something to do with it, and maybe like I said before just wasn't noticing them the last few years. I almost felt like I was dragged back in time for a moment during my childhood. Night time at my grand parents house running around trying to catch them. Just like every kid, trying to collest so many that you could try to light up a room. Even sometimes accidently smashing one and noticing that you can spread out that glow part so then you try to do it to as many as you can, till you run out or your parents/grandparents catches you and tells you to knock it off because it is mean to be killing all those bugs. Don't even try to tell me that you didn't attempt it at least once or twice.

So if your like me and haven't noticed them in a while and you have kids, make sure iyou show your kids lightning bugs. maybe they will try to do the same thing you did and then you can complete the cycle that your parents most likely completed and also start a new one that hopefully your kids will keep going.


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