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53/100 Leverage

If you like the whole idea of not knowing how something works until it workds on a TV series, then you will relaly like TNT's Leverage.

A former insurance investigator acting as the mastermind to a team consisting a grifter(actor), thief, computer hacker, and a hitter(the muscle) as they help people that have been putdown and out by big business or government agencies.

Leverage airs on Sunday nights on TNT and has just started its 3rd season which has been getting better and better each season and this 3rd season has defiently started off with a bang, with what appears to be a sub-plot of taking down a major mafia boss that will probably take the entire season, or atleast until the mid-season finale.

This show is seriously one of my favorites and I was really glad it got renewed for a third season, which I figured it would, and can't wait to watch it each week. If it keeps going the way it does then I absolutely see a 4th season in the works, because what could be better then bad guys beating bad guys therefore makeing them good guys. After all good bad guys make the best good guys right? Even if you don't like these types of shows you should still check it out because overall it is just a good show.

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