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32/100 Kobe Bryant

Every year about this time, especially if the Lakers win or go deep into the playoffs it seems like everybody always talks about or at least for what seems like the pass decade is if Kobe Bryant is the greatest NBA player to ever live.

I'm known to not be a big basketball fan, so this might be a hard argument for me, but I feel about the same for any sport. With advances in modern medicine players seem to be ble to not only play onger, but at a more physical level as well. Granted it doesn't work that way for everybody, some injuries just seems to change a person permanently, but with the right conditioning and taking care of your body then some of these players seem like they can play at a high level even when they retire.

Kobe Bryant I think is a perfect example of this. He seems to take pretty good care of himself so he should be able to play for several more years to come, plus the fact that a lot of players are only as good as the other players on a team. And since the Lakers seem to be the equivalant of the Yankees in baseball. Kobe Bryant should defiently look good for a while. Baksetball is a sport where it seems one player can carry a team, look at Lebron James, and Kobe has porven himself in that category. He has scored 80 points in one game before. So do I think Kobe is the best? Right now, I say yes, but who is the next best?

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