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11/100 Ken Griffey Jr Retires

Ken Griffey Jr, being Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. is probably one of the biggest stars during my youth. He came from a good pedigree though too, but nevertheless you always see pedigrees that don't live up to their parents.

Jr. I don't think had that problem. In my mind everybody loved him. He had some amazing plays, that you would always hear about, even me being a much younger kid at the time always heard about Ken Griffey Jr. I don't know at what point he started to fad away, but I know that he seemed to be amongst few superstars that played during what ended up being the steroid era, that (I sure as hell hope) didn't use steroids himself.

I've heard all these baseball writers stat that they won't vote for any players to be inducted into the hall of fame that played during the steroid era. Well I really hope that they decide otherwise, because Ken Griffey Jr undoubtably deserves to be in the the baseball hall of fame.


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  1. Bryan -

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m a big baseball fan…and remember when Jr. came onto the scene. It does make me feel a little bit old though – he and I are the same age!

    I also agree that he should go into the Hall. His later years were not quite as spectacular as his first 10 years, but he’s still be an outstanding player.

    Thanks for sharing the blog entry…good stuff!

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