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Jermaine Jones Suspended 8 Games


Today it was announced that Jermaine Jones, a german player that has been playing at midfielder for the US Men's National Soccer team because his father is American, would be suspended for 8 games due to him stomping and breaking an opposing players foot.

I recently watched the video and he clearly steps on the players foot, but it can be questioned as to if it really was intentional in my opinion. It seems to me though that it was taken as intentional because Jones has kind of become known as a bad boy imaged player in the league and was later even red-carded in the same game that he broke the other player's toe.

I tend to be a person that give other people the benefit of the doubt, but regardless 8 games seems to be a bit harsh and it seems that the Bundesliga is almost trying to set an example of him. That or could it be that the German league is going to be hard on him because he is considered American? That part I don't know for all I know he could be highly regarded over in Germany, but that also goes with out saying that he could possibly be hated, and has this attitude about him lately because everybody gives him a hard time? Neither thing would surprise me.

Even Jones coach said that 8 games seemed a bit harsh and that the team was going to appeal it, which I'm sure it will be reduced to something between 3-5 in which case he has already served part of it then it will seem like he is getting an extended break. That is unless it is 5 games, then it will just be a much longer break.

I think that he is looking to prove himself and is playing in the Bundesliga because it is a league that he knows that he can play in and is overseas thus keeping him from playing in the MLS and possibly being lumped in with a bunch of the other MLS players that most consider not to be of US team caliber, even though most of those people don't see the type of progress that MLS is making.

I kind of am not sure why I decided to write this post. I think it is partially because there is something about Jones that I really like and add that with the idea that I am really wanting to push this blog into new areas. Still seems weird to me though that I choose something like this to start really pushing myself more, but I guess you have to start somewhere right?


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