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25/100 iPhone 4

The all new and improved iPhone 4!

If you haven't heard by now then your probably living in a cave, and in which case you probably are not reading this blog, but just in case. The new iPhone is primed to be released shortly, to atleast a small amount of people on release day, and should consume most people seeking to get one summer.

I will start off by saying that Apple sure does know how to market, and just give consumers enough to keeping coming back each year and each release, but not give away too much, so that they can put out new product each and every year. This year is not any different with the all new iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 includes 3 things that make it completely different from the iPhone 3G/S to include FaceTime (video chat between iPhones (but only the iPhone4)), Two Cameras (one in front and one in back), and the back camera includes a LED Flash. A few of the other major changes are the Retina Display (making the resolution on the new iPhone sharper then the human eye can detect), Multitasking (finally allowing you to switch between apps, without closing and running down the batter more), HD Video Recording and Editting (you will have to buy iMovie from the app store for $4.99, but should be well worth it), 5-Megapixel camera with the previously mentioned LED flash (now we can finally take low light picture and much better self portraits in awesome detail), and folders for apps (take all your games or a certain type of app and put them in a folder for better consolidation.)

There is also OS upgrades that you should also be able to get on the iPhone 3G/S that includes a unified inbox for emails so that you don't have to change from inbox to inbox. Some of the other features I just mentioned should also be included with the OS4 upgrade. It is items and upgrades like this that makes me wish I still had my iPhone or be able to get the new iPhone4.


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