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In the Middle of the Storm!

    My 40 day fast from everything soccer is going well from my point of view. Although, some two weeks into this adventure the 'screws' seem to be tightening more each day. On Friday, I was simply watching the weather on a local news channel and then come on a traffic report. During the traffic report, the gentleman dropped a soccer bomb on me with information about a local soccer team and their playoff situation. I was not ready for the traffic guy to give me a soccer update. Which means that I did not have the remote near to change the channel. I am considering altogether giving up television period.

One of my electronic devices has an application that shows scores of my favorite teams. I have four teams selected that are soccer teams and I have to be careful looking at the device. Because at any moment I could get an update from the application. I cannot go into the application and turn off this feature, because of the soccer information that is in the application. I need to find someone that is willing to turn off this feature. There is also the problem of my selection of clothing. Half of my clothing choices are soccer related and so my options are limited. I feel like there is no variety in my choices.

Yet, the benefits are already starting to out-weigh the cost of this small investment of time. I have started to spend a lot more time with my family. I have found television shows that I can enjoy watching with my children. Instead of me wasting time in front of the television at night we plan family game nights or outings. The fruit is already starting to be harvested from the seeds that are being planted.

One very interested questioned was brought up by my seven year old daughter, "Daddy, are you going to go back to the way you were after Good Friday? Because we like you the way you are." Such powerful words for the mouth of a child, but those words could not be farther from the truth. I selected this area of my life to draw closer to my God and my family. After this 40 days I do not want to go back to the way I was, I want to continue acting the way I am. I may be able to watch soccer and follow soccer, but soccer will not control me. I am taking 40 days to start new habits in my life and the life of my family.

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