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Holy Dustbowl is Over the Horizon.

Well folks the time has finally come again and I must say welcome back to myself as some awesome shit is about to hit the fan and I can finally show my face again. The games for the first quarter  2012 are about to hit the shelves with titles as UFC Undisputed 3 , The Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning,   Soul Calibur V, Asura's Wrath, Syndicate , and SSX just to name a few. Which let's you gobble up boredom until you lock yourself in your room with bottles to pee in and handbags and handiwhipes and cease to exist to any world but that of Mass Effect 3 which drops into stores on March 6. I expect to see many of you there so we can end the saga of the one and only Commander Shepherd.

Of all the games I have just mentioned I will say I am looking at and sorry Shepherd baby it isn't you...The Kingdoms of Amalur. I have been playing the Demo ( Because I don't get an early copy by industry because I have no friends over at EA because I guess I'm too critical of Madden.) and I just can't seem to not get pissed off when the 45 min. trial to explore is done...GRRRRR ! This game takes me back to a true Fablistic open world roaming and lets me do ridiculous things like shoot a chicken with an arrow for fun..or stick an arrow into an antelope and squeal with Sweeny Todd delight when you hit the jugular. I am looking forward to what Fable IV will bring us. Stay tuned for all the fun in the sun details bitches !


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