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58/100 Hilton Head Island

About this time 10 years ago (it was actually September) I went on a vacation with my Mother and Step-Father on the road to a place called Hilton Head.

My last post was about a cruise, and this current post was probably the only other vacation I took before the cruise. So what does that say, I don't go on many vacations, one thing that I hope to correct in my future.

Hilton Head Island is located just off of South Carolina's coast. It is about 20 miles north of Savannah, Georgia, and is called a resort town. Hilton Head has quite the history from me reading up more about this location, but I must say that this was defiently a memorable vacation for me. Sure I went on a few other vacations with my Mother and Grandparents when I was a little younger and even some family reunions with my Father and I remember a little bit of each of them, but there was just something that seemed different about this vacation. Maybe my mind had just matured a lot more, after all I was 18 and I think my previous vacation that I recall before that I was probably 15, so maybe it was just me be a teenager, maybe it was my sub-conscious telling me to enjoy it for all that I could because I knew I was headed to Marine Basic training the following summer. Not fulling knowing what it was, I fully enjoyed Hilton Head, and it was an extremely beautiful location and I hope to take my family back there someday.

I know its still a big tourist spot because it was estimated that more then 2 million people came to visit Hilton Head in 2004. Oh, and just to let you know Hilton Head is not owned by the Hilton Family.


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