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74/100 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Also know as the greatest 5 part trilogy, is a science fiction comedy story that has been made into a radio series program, tv mini-series, novels, movies, video games, and probably several other things that I'm missing.

I have manage to work my way through most of the novels via audio book, but plan to start over again by actually reading the novel that has all 5 main books in one novel. This really is a good story though that involves science fiction and comedy together, which seems to be hard to pull off. I didn't know that much about H2G2 as it is sometimes called until the movie came out in 2005 and automatically started loving it, and then was able to watch the TV series that was produced by BBC decades ago, and although not very good producing was still very interesting.

Like I said before, I have not completed the story, but apparently the story hasn't been completely finished. The original author Douglas Adams passed away during the making of the 2005 film, but apparently there is now a 6th book that has been authored by Eoin Colfer, and all because Douglas Adams felt the need to continue the story, but because of his passing was not able to, but his wife decided to fullfill his desire and hand picked and closely followed the release of this new book.

If you haven't ever really checked it out then I sersiously suggest you go check out the first two books if anything. The movie in my opinion is great, but excludes some things and changes some things, just as most movies doo.


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