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Guess whos back ?

So I've moved to Idaho Falls,Idaho. I am no longer in the land of oz but I have brought the land of oz with me. I am excited to be back on my blog though. I will keep you updated the best as I can as I try to juggle job and taking care of my family. It's nice to be back. I'll be covering a whole host of things from video games down to news stories and the corruption within the government. I am not afraid of the NSA, FBI, the executive branch or any who try to denounce our freedoms that are ours to exercise and not theirs to take away. I am a member of anonymous and go by the handle Rubics Cube. You want me..??? come and get me. HEARTBLEED is just the beginning of the ammo crate which will be dumped upon the world wide web. You are not ready for the cyber war and we know it. We hope you don't have bad knees because you are going to have to learn to be really comfortable on them. Get Ready Get we will decide when to go.


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