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54/100 Google Voice

Everybody knows, loves, and uses Google on a day to day basis, but most of the people that use Google have no idea about some of the other features that you can get from Google. I'm sure everybody knows that Google bought YouTube, but how many of you realize that you could get your own phone number from Google.

Google Voice is a Google app that has been out for a little over a year and it gives you (hopefully) a phone number close to your area, and allows you to give out a number to people that you ant to get a hold of you, but you may not want them to have your cell phone, work phone, and if you still have a phone at home, that. You can add your personal numbers to Google Voice and when somebody calls or even text that number, it will then call the other phones set up or send text messages to your cell, or you can have the option to just use it as a voicemail. Each voicemail can be transcribed and a copy of it along with the audio will be sent to your email.

I haven't really used my Google Voice to much, but from what I've done with it, I have really enjoyed it and if you think this would be something helpful for you then you should go get one, after all it is free.


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