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5/100 Google TV?

TV of the Future?

There has been a lot of talk lately about a possible Apple TV and having a lower price point with the possibility of some other options (I will be doing a apple tv post later.)

What a lot of people might not of heard of so far is google tv. Yes that's right google the search engine that everybody uses and loves is possibly venturing into the TV world.

Well it looks like they are trying to have some sort of a set top box, that you can plug into your TV and the internets (yes I said internets, deal with it, its funny) and then be able to stream TV from the internet to your TV, almost like Hulu, which has taken off quite well if you ask me.

All lot of people watch most of their TV through the internet any way, and there are still commercials included. If you don't watch TV through the internet some how, then you most likely have a DVR and fast forward through the commercials. Watching shows on the internet, I think is actually better for the adverstiment, because you can't just skip through the commercials, that is unless your pirating. The only problem I do see with this is that it could be difficult to watch live events or even programs as they are played on TV. I believe that shows that are found on Hulu and other sites like that are not generally available till the next day. I could be wrong though.

I personally think that if this had been out when I decided to become debt free and got rid of the internet, that this would of helped us decided to keep the internet and get rid of the cable(satelite) instead. One thing that I would like to see available though is something like what the DVRs/Tivos have and you program it to record a show and every show should automatically record to your box. One the google tv box though once your show that you like becomes available it would show up in a favorites folder or something like that. I'm pretty sure google is smart enough to do something like that.

And if for some reason you decide you need to search something on the internets, like a random google search that everybody seems to do, then you can pull out a keyboard, remote or whatever and do that weird search on akward family photos and find out that there is a web site with that exact name or an even better one

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