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68/100 Ghost

Ghost, we've all heard stories or even had personal experiences. Most tend to not believe in them, although most if not all those people also don't like anything that they cannot control.

Personally I think that they are very real and we should accept if not welcome having them around. In most instances you don't hear about them being violent, even though it does seem to be very possible. Most of the time you only hear stories about people hearing them and possibly seeing them, but if you do seem them then they are what is called residual haunting, which means that the ghost will not interact with you at all, they just go about their business like its a record that keeps repeating.

There has in the last several years been a lot more TV shows coming up that dive well into the world of ghost, one of the largest being Ghost Hunters on Syfy. They have actually been all over the place and despite the name of the show, don't actually try to hunt down ghost, they are more focused on actually trying to prove that they do not exist, and in several cases have been able to provide families with relief that they did not believe the houst to be haunted after not coming up with good evidence, that they go through carefully.

Personally I don't think I have ever really had a personal experience, but there has been times that something happend that I couldn't explain. In most instances if something was to happen I would probably just say that it wasn't a ghost, unless I actually came across a full bodied apparition, but I doubt I will ever be that lucky.

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