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Future of Tablet PCs

Who would of ever thought that the vision would of come to this. Funny though.
Who would of ever thought that the vision would of come to this. Funny though.

Apple has finally annouced their product to get into the tablet world.

iPad is what Mr. Jobs has decided to call it, despite what everybody else seemed to think (iTablet, was what most experts thought Apple was going to call it.)
It has seemed to already be receiving mixed reviews. My biggest complaint as I'm sure a lot of other people have the same complaint, is that there is still NO support for Flash. It was clear even at the press conference, when Steve went to a site that has flash on the main page and the wonderful Blue question marked lego came up as usual. And boy does it stand out when it is on a huge theather style screen. Most of us that have had iPod touches and iPhones are use to this, and in my opinion usually just avoid those pages, yet still annoy us when we come across them. And I love legos, except that stupid unsupported lego that apple puts on pages with Flash.

In basic terms, it is an over sized iPod Touch. But there will be 3G versions, that may make it worth it along with the word that it is suppose to be able to support all apps to date for the iPod Touch/iPhone. In addition to that they are also developing a couple launch apps for the iPad that include some EA titles.

They are also trying to make a major push towards having Amazon Kindle like properties. They are developing a book store, that runs a lot like the iTunes and app store.
With it being Apple you know they will always have there own accesories to go with it, and it seems like it usually comes after the initial release, but they have already showed a whole docking system that can have a keyboard along with it.
Wonder when you will be able to get in line to get one of these new iPads. The release date is scheduled for late March for the non 3G (wifi only) version, with the 3G (that includes wifi) version due to come out late the following month.
Models will come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB sizes. The Wifi 16GB will run $499 with each size up running an extra $100. The Wifi + 3G 16GB iPad will run $629 (along with a data plan from which ever provider carries it. Most likely AT&T along with rumors of Verizon) and each size up will be an extra $100. Here is a chart to hopefully give you a better idea.
Model 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
iPad Wi-Fi $499 $599 $699
iPad Wi-Fi + 3G $629 $729 $829


Wrapping Up

I will most likely not be getting one. I currently have an iPhone and love it. With that being said, if I was able to save up the money for one of these, I would rather continue to save and get a Mac computer or laptop.

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  1. Nice first post! I would love to get one. Maybe one day. I just can’t get over the fact that it is nothing more than a huge iPod, though. And with roughly the same memory. Just huge and cumbersome to carry around.

    Now, if they ever release an iPod touch with 3G, I am all over it!!

  2. Not really that huge though. Roughly the size of a HP netbook. (I say that because the screen sizes are the same. So basically if you took the screen of my HP mini netbook, then you have the iPad.)

    Also, they have a iPod touch with 3G. It’s called an iPhone. I have one and posted this comment with the wordpress app for the iPhone. Hence the reason why I also said I rather wait till I could afford an actual Mac computer.

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