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93/100 Futnis?

Have you've ever thought up what would happen if you combined two sports. I mean somebody had to think up water polo and team hand-ball (see the latest summer olympics.) Well there might be another sport starting up soon. It takes the concept of tennis, getting rid of the rackets and all the screaming for that matter and combines it with soccer (more of a street style) without all the running and possibly terrible ref calls. What could this awkward sport possibly be called? I was thinking Sennis or Toccer, but the Yahoo article that I came across is calling it Futnis (which makes more since, because soccer is called Futbol every where else.)

This article also includes an 8 minute video of two of Spain's greatest tennis players, one of them being Nadal, playing around with their trainer/managers after a practice session. It doesn't appear that there is any kind of rules or scoring yet, but give it time. I'm almost tempted to try and start a league out of the possible sport that I think could be really fun. I know what your thinking, it just sounds like volleyball with your feet, but do you want to tyr and use a volleyball instead of a tennis ball, and even their perspective nets for that matter? I don't, so I think they should just stick with the tennis court and balls. Just need to start developing rules.


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