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21/100 Star Wars Force Unleashed II

The secret apprentice with 2 light sabers (Not typical for any Jedi, that I know of)

One of the highest selling consoled Star Wars games even to come out is the Force Unleashed. You play as Darth Vadar's secret apprentice. FOUL! you may cry, but check it out first. I ask you what happened between episodes 3 & 4. Exactly!

Only a few years after the release of that amazing game, the sequel is just about ready to come out. Many questioned on how this could be, because [SPOILER ALERT!]your character at the end of the first game appears to have been killed. Well in the fashion of what seems to be similar to the Knights of the Old Republic games your character doesn't seem to remember much from his past and you have become a slave to the emperor. There hasn't seem to be much else come out about the story line, but your character who had an abnormal saber fighting skill now weilds 2 light sabers, so that should at least make for some interesting fights.

I also know that several characters that we are all familar with will be introduced in this game. This game is sure to not disappoint just as the first game didn't. You should still have some time before Force Unleashed II comes out, so go check out the first one and give it a play through or two. I guarantee you'll enjoy this game. I mean who doesn't want to play as a Jedi?


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