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15/100 Father’s Day

What are you doing this Father's Day

If you didn't know Father's Day is right around the corner, and I thought I would take the time to just right a small post about Father's Day. I am pretty sure I qualify to do this because not only do I have a Father, but I am a Father to 2 boys.

Being a Father is absouletly different experience then anybody could even imagine, besides another father. I decided to look up just a little bit of info on Father's Day. I found out that the American version has a strong upbringing by a daughter of a Civil War Soldier, who also raised 6 daughters, by himself.

I can't really say how poplular Father's Day ever got, but I know it didn't seem to be very big when I was younger, maybe I'm completely wrong, and I hope that I am. It has seem like in just the past couple years that it seems to be making a comeback (if you can call it that) and is getting more and more popular in that time.

I don't know what your plans are for this year's Father's Day but I suggest that you atleast tell your Father, Happy Father's Day, even if you don't know your father that well. If you have any way of getting a hold of him, make sure you do it and tell him, even if you don't have a direct and quick way of getting a hold of him, make sure you track him down.


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