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29/100 Fantasy Football

Football, Glorious Football! Is there anything better (besides soccer!) One thing that a vast majority of Americans would say is better then football, is fantasy football. Yes that is right.

Fantasy Football (withing the last several years) is typically an onling game played with friends, collegues, family, etc. and is generally played on major websites like Yahoo or ESPN because they probably have the best setup that you can find. You will draft a team that can range in any variety, by either what is called a snake draft or an auction draft. Once the draft is done you set a line up each week and a score is given based on each players individual performance and is determined by whatever scoring system is put in place. There are so many other things that you could get into about specifics, but that is the general idea behind fantasy football.

I know people that probably spend more time watching stat lines and doing research on players then actually watching any games. Some of these people amaze me. I try to do some research but more or less I could probably do better by throwing darts at random names.

I have really enjoyed fantasy football the last few years, but unless something changes then I actually think I won't be playing this year. Mostly I think it is just to see what it was like to just watch football, but I can forsee myself going crazy by mid season and finding some way to play.

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