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88/100 External Hard Drives

Do you have a ton of computer media that you would like to have on the go, but a jump drive doesn't have enough capacity? Most of you are starting to think at what all you could possibly have that would not fit on a jump drive. Well try movies, they are quite large. Another thing that can get to big for a jump drive is music. Yes music, you would be surprised how much music one can accumulate over time.

External Hard Drives now days keep getting bigger and bigger in popularity and capacity, but at the same time, with the advances in technology, keep getting smaller and smaller. Additionally with the advances in technology you are starting to be able to plug such devices into almost any device that accepts a USB port and access your files like music, movies, pictures and more.

Most of us thought we would never be able to fill up 1 GB of storage and now we are on the verge of having over 1 TB of files on our computers, thus a reason to have a good backup system. How much would it suck to lose all those photos and videos of our loved ones? I mean, I have TONS of pictures of the kids, and hopefully soon I will start having a lot of videos of the kids doing crazy things, because of the type of camcorders out there now days, you pretty much have to have a computer.


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