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52/100 Eureka

I'm obvisouly focusing on Tv Shows this weekend and this will be the second Syfy show I talk about.

It is said that there is probably a town in the United States that all the smartest people/scientist work and live. Well this show is about such a possible place, but put humor into it.

The show mostly follows the town's sheriff, who you would think would have it fairly easy in such a small town, but there is always something going wrong. Mostly due to unforeseen accidents or the typical scientist going bonkers and doing something crazy.

Eureka is one of Syfy's largest shows and I think really helped bring what was SciFi at the time back into a major cable network spotlight. And because of this show I think it has completely made Syfy change their whole way of doing shows. Hence having other shows like Sancturary and Warehouse 13.

I am highly looking forward to the 4th season of Eureka, because they left it at a very confusing spot to where I think that they can go in several different directions and I don't have clue one as to what any of those directions might be.

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