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84/100 ESPNs Salary Crunch

Everybody always makes a big deal about how much athletes get paid. Then some people even start to wonder about their salary and how long it takes said athlete to make the same amount.

Well I was recently introduced to ESPN's Salary Crunch. This little application takes whatever salary you might plug-in and then it tells you just how much or how little they have to do to equal the salary you put in. It even goes as far as to tell you how long you would have to work to equal that players salary.

Trying not to piss myself off and using a salary of $45,000 (not saying that is or isn't how much I make, but I believe its the national average) let see how it stands up to Lebron James estimated $110.1 million salary from the Miami Heat. He will play less then a quarter of the game, score 7 points, get 2 rebounds, and 2 assist. I would have to work 408 more years to make just a little more then Lebron makes in one year.

Now lets take A-Rod for a different sport. A-Rod makes $45,000 following a home run, a hit, and one at-bat. So if he comes up for his first at-bat, and drives one out of the park (with nobody else on base) then he already passes a $45,000 salary. Now making $45,000 a year, a person would have to work for 622.22 years.

Those numbers are ridiculas, and it makess me wish I would of stayed in soccer, because with the right training I think I could of been able to make probably a 1/16th of that. At least a 1/32nd, maybe. Thus is life though. See how you do.

Other athletes include:
Dwyane Wade
Kevin Durant
Dirk Nowitzki
Paul Pierce
Jamarcus Russell
Ryan Howard
Josh Beckett
Joe Mauer
Tim Lincecum
Justin Verlander
Pau Gasol
Andy Pettitte
Manny Ramirez
Rojon Rondo
Philip Rivers
Eli Manning
Matt Cassel
Albert Haynesworth
Mark Teixeira
Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod)
CC Sabathia
Albert Pujols
Johan Santana

There are even a few coaches and hockey players on there.


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