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Eric Clapton Concert

March 3rd, 2010 - My Father's Birthday. How old you may ask, since I'm 27. I will just say that he was born in 1962. Any way, he decided that he was going to buy concert tickets to Eric Clapton that day since he is a pretty big fan of Mr. Clapton. I like some of his stuff, but I was rewarded with Roger Daltrey from The Who. Roger Daltrey would be the one that wasn't showing the entire world his stomach during the 2010 Superbowl Halftime show. That would of been Pete Townshend.

Roger Daltrey opened up for Eric Clapton, and naturally you would have to know that he would be playing one if not two of the CSI show theme songs. That wasn't it though. He played a bunch of other songs that I also recognized. I had never really looked into The Who that much, so I didn't realize how many songs they had that I knew. You should check out there greatest hits album, and you will probably be surprised how many you know, besides the CSI show theme songs. And yes There are three CSI shows, and The Who is used for the theme song on all three. Lucky for me Roger played the two that I like more. Those two being CSI and CSI:NY, not to say that I don't like CSI:Miami, just haven't gotten into that one yet. I watch a lot of TV, and am starting to fall way behind on some of the shows I watch already, I digress. Here are a few that he played that I was able to capture some video on. Yes it is the two that I like the most. Sorry, they were easier to recognize in the beginning.

CSI:NY Theme Song Baba O'Riley

CSI:LV Theme Song Who Are You

After Roger Daltrey was done, there was a short intermission and my Dad and I were able to get some much needed leg relief.

After that Mr. Slowhand took the stage with a great applause, and he didn't waste any time getting started. Like I said in the beginning, I know some of his songs, but he managed to play only about 2 or 3 that I actually knew, but he is pretty incredible when it comes to playing guitar. Even my Dad made the comment that "bet you can't do that on guitar hero." My Dad doesn't even play video games much any more. Every once in a while he will get some Tiger Woods in on the wii. So for him to saying something like that was pretty funny. Anyway here are a couple videos that I was able to get.

Eric Clapton - Song from March 3rd, 2010 Concert

Eric Clapton - Layla


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