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66/100 Doppelgangers

Doppelganger is a word that I've heard a lot more lately and thought that some people might be wondering what the heck this is or means.

Doppelganger is pretty much having a twin or atleast somebody that looks extremely close to the same as you, but obvisouly you have no link between each other then that.

How I Met Your Mother (TV Show) has had several shows, where somebody from their group comes across the others doppelganger. I have yet to find or even hear about myself having a doppelganger, but one of my grandfathers had one that kept robbing liquor stores. One of the problems with this is that my grandfather went to the liquor store like once a week, but to my knowledge was never questioned, granted as long as I can also remember, he never really had the health to do much either, especially rob a liquor store.

I'm sure almost everybody has some sort of an experience, history, or story about a doppelganger. So have you ever found your doppelganger, or do you have any good stories about doppelgangers? Honestly I think I just like saying that word. Doppelganger. Let's all say it together now. Doppelganger. See isn't that fun?


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