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16/100 Devil Dog Nomenclature

Sorry if you can't see the picture, click on it to view as a bigger one, then you can save it and view it in a better picture software.

To those of you who may not know me, I will let you know that I spent 6 years in the Marine Reserves, and a year of tha activated when Operation Iraqi Freedom first started up. During my time in the Marine Corp I came across several funny pictures, videos or what have you. Towards the end of my time I came across this picture, and I have decided to share it with you.

Starting from the top and working our way down:
-Club Logo:Can be found on what is know as a cover, which is a hat to all you civilian turds. Why is it our logo, because it has the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on it.
-Brain Housing Group:Where our wealth of knowledge is stored, also known as a Brain.
-Solar Reflector:This is attached to the cover, and allows a Marine to see vast distances, but keep you from seeing his eyes.
-Long Range Visual ScannerOther wise known as the eyes. Helps a Marine spot targets to kill from not just long ranges, but also in close quarters.
-CBRN Sensor:Well I really don't want to go too much into this, but it also good for locating nasty chow hall food, and good grub as well.
-Passive Sonar Detector:Allows the Marine to hear enemies screaming at long range, or trying to sneak up on you quitely. At lower ranks is used to figure out what might be occuring soon, and at higher ranks is used to overhear lower ranks complaining about work, so that they can be punished further.
-B.S. Dispenser:Also know as a soup cooler, along with a few other unmentionable names, that I will not repeat here. Can be used to get yourself out of serious trouble though.
-Model Number:Indicates how much respect and leadership that Marine has earned and/or deserves. Can be brought into question, when it appears as a single bar that is in gold or silver coloring.
-Club Patch:Can be found right above the left breast pocket, and is another indication of being a Marine.
-Trade Mark:Thus another symbol of being a Marine. Is branded in some fashion onto the Marines skin. Location and Type can vary due to the Marine's preference. Be aware of possible imposters that may show of a trade mark symbol that appears in the form of a bulldog, with no other lettering or symbols.
-Time on Deck Indicator:Because a Marine is usually busy while working and may have several task to complete before certain times, this is a crucial peice. Also used to know when chow time, and the end of the day is near.
-Primary Weapons System:These can be used in a variety of ways. Not only are these dangerous while holding a weapon, but can become drastically more dangerous when empty and confined to close quarters.
-Nerve Center (CPU):This is more or less a typical male option, and can be used to make several decisions without going through the Brain Housing Group first. Been know to get several Marines in trouble, and possibly even out of trouble.
-Subordinate Motivator:Although it is an automatic feature, it is not really used until a Marine has reached a certain Model Number. Lower Model Number Marines have been known to have to use this, but not with a Higher Model Number (that is not wise, and neither the Nerve Center (CPU) nor Brain Housing Group was used if this ever happens.) Higher Model Numbers have been known to not use the option as much, and will usually let a slightly lower Model take care of Motivation.
-Backup Weapons System:Sometimes needed when Primary is busy with other targets, or target has fallen just out of close quarter range of Primary. When used properly can be more effective then Primary. Also used to typically get Marines from one location to another, when not on a vehicle.


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