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55/100 Customer Service

I'm big on providing good customer service. One of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service and not taking care of the customer. I'll admit it sometimes I probably expect more then I deserve, but usually I'm satisfied with what I get for customer service. Ocassionally I still get poor service despite my usual up beat and nice guy attitude and I won't say anything about receiving poor customer service, because I would like to think that I understand and I don't want to make your day worse.

Recently I needed to get my oil changed in my car and had received a coupon to a company that will remain nameless, but their initials are NTB, and after waiting close to 20 minutes and having an old man, who probably thought the world owed him something jump in front me, finally got to ask if I could get an oil change with a coupon I received. The guy proceeded to look at me, then the coupon and from what I can assume would be realized it wasn't worth their time or money, told me that they couldn't get to it today and to call them Sunday. Just to let everybody know this was around 1:00 pm on a Friday. If there wasn't around 4 or 5 guys standing around with their thumb up their butt, and the tone of this guys voice when he talked to me, after having listened to him talk to two different customers, I probably wouldn't of left with a sour tast in my mouth and obvisouly without my oil changed.


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