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Comets – Wings (14Jan12)


This (most likely) final head-to-head match up between the Comets and the Wings looked to be be record a crowd as the teams duked it out the entire match inside the Sprint Center for the NSCAA Convention that has been in downtown KC area for that past couple of days. Final attendance for the game was announced at 8,276 people which is probably the most in the MISL since its return and is around 3,000 more people then the Independence Event Center can hold, so it definitely made for an incredible atmosphere.

- Did a great job going back and forth with the Wings and had a very decent game all the way up to the end of the game. Even the end of the game was good for the Comets despite them falling just short of beating the Wings again, but honestly when you play a team 4 times in one season you kind of know what the other team is like, what they are capable of and then you are able to kind of work around that. The Comets did provide a very entertaining game though.

- Defense seemed to collapse just a little too much and kept letting the Wings comeback into game when with plenty of chances to possibly further the lead or even close the game out. Most of the goals that the Comets allowed I think could of been stopped, or at least a couple of them which is all they needed, if the defense would of been just a little more solid. It is kind of impressive how the Comets had such a great defense at the beginning of the season, but has really seemed to start faltering lately.

- Great job of holding off the Comets at the end of the game as well as being able to come back numerous times. Really the entire game the Wings were very much in this game and they were looking for revenge after losing to the Comets at Wichita a couple weeks ago. I won't say that they were out for blood, because they knew the Comets wouldn't allow that, but they I think it is safe to say that they might of snuck away with 3 points from this game.

- Not much really bad to say about them as they really worked probably as hard as they possibly could to get that win. They probably would of liked the game to not be so close, but that just means it was a great game. I'm sure anybody doesn't want any game to be that close of a game, but that just means it is a great game. Indoor soccer honestly I think should probably be doing a lot better in America then it should, because it is faster paced and more of an american style thing where they don't even allow ties. The only thing I can think of that is really competing with more people paying attention to indoor soccer is hockey. Somehow I seemed to get away from what I was trying to talk about there, but I think everybody gets the idea of what I'm trying to say. It is a good thing to have such a close game even if nobody seems to like it.


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