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Comets – Sharx (21Jan12)


Well I am only several weeks behind the Comets schedule but luckily for me the Comets have kind of had a small break. This game was played on the 21st of January in Norfolk. Apparently the Sharx had played the night before and been playing pretty well in the that game and the two games before that. I thought I saw something else and it wasn't really that good. Well at least from the Sharx.

- Commentators kept mentioning at the beginning of the game how the Sharx had been playing well and I would agree that they had some pretty good runs and were still in the game at half time for the most part. Really I think it was just by chance because I must of been seeing something differently and that was the Sharx struggling.

- I personally didn't think that the Sharx were ever really even in this game even when the score was closer then the 14-6 final which again in my opinion could of probably been a lot worse as I thought the Comets easily dominated this game not in the score, but on the skill level.

- Didn't have a very big score line and really the defense could of probably played better because I thought that the Comets goalkeeper Waltman was exceptionally on point and made some really great saves. At least the hand few of saves that he had to make, and he had to make not because the Sharx got through the defense , but because it seemed that the defense just broke down and let the Sharx get through.

- Just like how I thought the defense could of played better and the team could of scored more the offense really kept this game in check and pretty much seemed to score at will but was looking more to just control the ball and possession against the Sharx, and that is why the final score even seemed close. Not because the Sharx kept is close because again really I didn't think that they did.


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