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22/100 USB Jump Drives (Character/Player)

Mash up of the two different jump drives that I'm talking about. There are lots more, go check it out.

In today's technogical world everybody has jump drives. How can you seperate yourself from all your friends? How about getting your favorite soccer player or star wars character.

I recently came across a couple articles that showed these types of jump drives, and although maybe a little weird looking it will defiently set you apart. You know it doesn't stop there too. I'm glad to see something different coming out. It seems like ever since jump drives were introduced that everybody keeps trying to make them smaller and smaller. They are a jump drive, don't you think they start off small enough as it is. How many people have lost data not because their jump drive broke, but because they lost their jump drive? I know I've come close several times.

This would be one of those items that you not only got mad for losing it because of some of the data, but because it is something that is cool and that your friend would want to get as well. Actually you know what? I remember Steve eyeballing your jump drive, you should go search his bag, he probably stole it. That sneaky bastard. He is always taking things that don't belong to him. Wait a minute. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, that's right!


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