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24/100 Celebrity Home Theater

I doubt that Ryan Seacrest actually spends much time in his home theater, because he seems to be involved with everything, but this is a very nice setup.

Something that I have wanted since I realized I was such a movie weirdo and after seeing a couple in some episodes of MTV Cribs was a personal home theater.

I recently came across an article that showed off 15 different celebrity home theaters. Some of these look just as to be expected from a celebrity. Some look like you might find in a normal person's house, and then there is at least one celebrity that made the entrance to his home theater look like an actual theater.

I fully plan on having a personal theater in some aspect, even if I have to wait till I'm 60, because it would be completely worth it and I would enjoy every single movie I could on it till the day I die.

Most of you probably don't feel the same way I do, but after you see some of these theaters you may feel the same way. maybe I'm just a weirdo, especially when it comes to movies. Actually I know I'm a weirdo when it comes to movies, and you'll find that out more and more as you read through my other blog post.

And now for the pictures of the celebrity home theaters:

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