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Alright it's been a quick sec but I am back and rightfully so. Let's party it up with some mother f ing Batman Arkham City. This game has everything from the first and then some. Gadgets galore and the ability (finally) to not only use your grapple but to transition ala assassins creed fluidly from building to building. It's like if santa was graceful. The freeflow combat system is here in a big way and taking down groups with 40 hit strings is funner then seeing your first nipple. Graphics are amazing and it's like GTA meets Batman. Just being able to navigate Gotham how you want to and tackle enemies how you see fit makes this one of my top picks of the year. If you pre-ordered the game you will receive the Robin add-on at no cost and with the game receive the catwoman add-on. The nightwing add-on is available now on XBLMarketplace and I suggest you get it. More DLC will be announced soon and I hope it's some villian shit cause that would rock.  I give it a 5 out of 5 of my rainbow colored turd magic unicorn poops.

Burger Time  World Tour

First off I was excited to play a classic from my childhood and from the NES generation..I bought it like every arcade game that comes out which is why I have 6 250GB hard drives. I played it and I have to say WHO MADE THIS F***ING S*** !!!!!! I would rather sniff pepper spray out of a garden hose being blasted full tilt. Cease any project you are working on and kill yourself. I really wanted to be a pepper at the bottom getting smashed by the bun. The gameplay and camera are worse then the Paris Hilton Porn. That being said if you want to remake a game since it seems to be all the rage how about a suggestion....IKARI WARRIORS !!! This game was pathetic and I'm not even going to review steal some Seinfeld...No poop for you.'re not worth shit ! I'd rather have cancer.
No poopNo poopNo poopNo poopNo poop

Battlefield 3

Holy S what a game ! Graphics are stunning and that's putting it lightly. The movement of the A.I. around you is just flawless. one word of advice Destroy Destroy Destroy. Everything is destructive so use it to your advantage. On top of that though it is basically the same game and same battlefield. It still takes a split second to kill someone with a head shot in Multiplayer...I mean come on..a shot..die...not a shot hmmm maybe it should register oh there it goes. You dip s you think you guys could get it right by now . That being a downer but it's okay cause it doesn't matter cause this game is just so gorgeous. 4.5 out of 5 for this glorious game.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the new trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V then I hope you crawl back under the rock you just came from. This is going to be the pinnacle of anything that has come out and it will be game of the year..stay tuned for my Elder Scrolls V Skyrim review and of course MW3...Dueces bitches !

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