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Guess whos back ?

So I've moved to Idaho Falls,Idaho. I am no longer in the land of oz but I have brought the land of oz with me. I am excited to be back on my blog though. I will keep you updated the best as I can as I try to juggle job and taking care of my family. It's nice to be back. I'll be covering a whole host of things from video games down to news stories and the corruption within the government. I am not afraid of the NSA, FBI, the executive branch or any who try to denounce our freedoms that are ours to exercise and not theirs to take away. I am a member of anonymous and go by the handle Rubics Cube. You want me..??? come and get me. HEARTBLEED is just the beginning of the ammo crate which will be dumped upon the world wide web. You are not ready for the cyber war and we know it. We hope you don't have bad knees because you are going to have to learn to be really comfortable on them. Get Ready Get we will decide when to go.


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Game Review for the Week of Feb. 7 2012

Just what the hell is Voldo, anyway? Soul Calibur 5 is the sixth game in series to feature the V-man, and yet still no one knows what he actually is. More to the point, what does it say about the people who created him? Out of all the humans in the universe, though, real or pretend, Voldo would be pretty near the bottom of a list of people we’d like to fight in real life. Just imagine it. The horror. Soul Calibur 5’s new story mode doesn’t shed much light on the matter. Voldo does make plenty of appearances during its linear, cut-scene-and-still-image driven narrative path, but beyond the fact that he’s weird and up for a scrap at the drop of a pair of leather chaps, no one’s any the wiser. In fact, that’s a sentiment that you could use to sum up SoulCalibur 5’s story as a whole. Only those paying very close attention will be able to follow the tale of Malfested (infected with some sort of powerful nastiness) sword-wielders, the origins of Soul Edge and the true nature of perennial badass Nightmare.

If you are paying attention, though, you’ll get an insight (albeit one that seems like it’s been written by an eight-year-old) into the world of Soul Calibur and why, 17 years on from the events of Soul Calibur 4, everyone’s still hungry for that crystallised shiny Soul Edge sword. No mention of why you had to fight Yoda in space back then, though. Hmm. You spend most of the story playing as new character Patroklos as he first tries to rescue his sister Pyrrha and then embarks on an adventure with her, with story scenes punctuating scraps with arbitrary guards and standard roster characters en route. Anyone can pick up a pad and start mashing buttons in Soul Calibur 5 and they’ll get results, but pitch them against a master and they’ll be sent home packing with their kitana between their legs. While the meat of the game is largely unchanged – it’s still chunky, sexy Eurasians kicking each other in the balls and slashing each others’ chests apart – there are some significant tweaks to the flow of the action. I give it a very gnarly 3 out of 5 unicorn poops..just not what I had hoped for.
PoopPoopPoopNo poopNo poop


Past UFC games have divided opinion. Critics have generally liked these ‘thinking mans fighting games’ owing to their accurate representation of MMA fights, licensed fighters and complex grapple and submissions system. Opinion from gamers is more diverse, problems with fiddly controls, too many ‘highlight’ knock downs and an online mode beset by players finding loop holes in the controls. Although we didn’t get the opportunity to go through UFC 3’s career or online modes, our first take of hands on scuffling were encouraging.
There are numerous fresh features for UFC 3, the largest of which is an available new amateur control system. Although a pro version still appears, the originally unintuitive revolving on the right thumbstick can be replaced for a much easier system of up and down flicks. You forgo some accuracy in this mode, but we discovered it made for much more diverse battles - yes its simpler to instigate grapples and submissions by clicking the stick but its subsequently easier to counter attack too. Even submission holds are more distinct thanks to a new octagon visual effect, both gamers have a bar within the graphic and the striking gamer must endeavour to conceal their challengers bar for as long as they can to force them to tap out. Sounds difficult but it actually works pretty well. The other interesting new arrival is the addition of a Pride mode. While the real establishment does not exist any more, UFC 3 features a complete Pride fighter list, complete with more loose rule system and mixed weight class fights. This time round the fights seem to be more violent than ever. Opponents faces swell up with bruises rapidly, and strikes land with more fierceness than they did previously. If you find yourself totally overpowered by a challenger You will probably feel pretty happy when the ref breaks it up. UFC Undisputed is certainly more straight forward to play - and easier to enjoy as well. We hope the online and career modes turn out to be just as exciting. I give it an absolute yummy ground and pound gogaplata 5 out of 5 unicorn poops...I feel this is the one that breaks the mold.


Now for the lighter side of things..if you want to dip into your childhood a bit on XBLA right now you can download The Simpsons Arcade game for only 400 MS points. I remember going to Pappy's Pizza on the outer road of Mo HWY 50 and pumping quarters into this game while my parents played Bingo. Great game..I got it along with Haunt which is a Kinect arcade game for 800 MS points and Quarrel which brings together Risk and Scrabble to make one of the funnest games I have played since Brain Challenge. Quarrel is available now for 800 MS points.

Hope you all enjoyed SuperBowl XLVI as we watched the New York Giants win their 4th title in franchise history. And thank you to MIA during the halftime show telling 1.5 billion people F**k You. I am now going to go run around with a P99 and a tactical knife...enjoy a no winter Midwest and we will see you in the Emerald City...Deuces Bitches.


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News…Just News…Seeing how it’s embarrassing to be associated with gaming right now.

There have been multiple reports over the past couple months about whether or not Blizzard's highly-anticipated Diablo III would or would not come to consoles, as it has already been confirmed for the PC and Mac platforms. That has all changed today as Blizzard community manager Micah “Bashiok” Whipple responded to a fan on Twitter saying that the action-RPG was in fact coming to consoles and veteran game maker Josh Mosqueira is the lead-designer on the project. Later Blizzard officially made the following comment to Wired: “Bashiok’s response on Twitter was intended as a confirmation that we’re actively exploring the possibility of developing a console version of Diablo III, as we’ve mentioned in the past, This is not a confirmation that Diablo III is coming to any console platform.” It seems like a little bit of flip-flopping if you ask us but nonetheless we have to assume that the game is in development for consoles but no official release date has been determined.
diablo 3
Today Capcom Entertainment announced the complete list of Versus Modes for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, along with a brand new multiplayer trailer. Players will be able to experience online 4 vs. 4 team battles playing as either a member of the Umbrella Security Service (USS) or US Spec Ops. Take on the role of the bad guys with USS members Vector, Beltway, Lupo, Four-Eyes, Spectre or Bertha. Alternatively play as the good guys and experience the horrors of Raccoon City as Tweed, Dee-ay, Harley, Willow, Shona or Party Girl, members of the US Spec Ops that we revealed earlier this week in the Triple Impact trailer. Meet the US Spec Ops characters in person by downloading their new character art on the press site. Breaking the conventions of traditional third person shooters, players will not only have to compete against their team’s opposing squad but tackle a third unpredictable force as zombies and B.O.W.s add to the mix.

For a game that is hotly anticipated, Grand Theft Auto 5 still does not offer a lot of answers. The latest instalment in the popular franchise just piles up the questions although some speculations have already been debunked, thankfully. Now, word has it that gamers are eagerly awaiting GTA 5 because of the possibility that the protagonist won’t be male. Yes, this is an important issue because if the protagonist turns out to be female despite previous rumors then it would be the first ever time that this has happened in the franchise.

Would Rockstar Games go out of its way to address the fact that there are many women gamers now. The ESA shows that 42% of video gamers are female. Female gamers make up 48% of the most frequent game buyers. This change in numbers can be explained by the fact that women in their thirties today are part of the first video game generation. Despite the fact that almost half of the gamers are women, the “other gender” has still not been properly represented. There are relatively few prominent female developers. More women should be part of game design. Maybe more and more female beta testers should also be hired. We cannot just decide that video gaming is a male hobby. The video gaming world is turning to make way for women and we should not shy away from this change.

That's all from me bitches..stay tuned for game reviews when the industry gets their head out of their asses.

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Where Have all the Good Games Gone ?

Okay I know it is the beginning of the year but there have been no good games in a long time. This past holiday season was dismal at best. CES was a great show but failed to wow me in any way...even Microsoft. Coming up at E3 Sony announced that it will make no announcements on an upcoming Playstation 4. This paves the way for Microsoft to deliver the deathblow to Sony that we have long waited for. Sony has proven time and time again that they would rather makes money then make gamers. Sony so far has come up with jack squat and I for one am excited to see them being a failing force in gaming but not entertainment. If they don't play that one close the Microsoft is going to take those reigns also. Microsoft gets all the exclusives before Playstation users not to mention a lot of Sony only games have learned quickly to ween away from them in place of a broader audience. Sorry it's been a while for me to update but this season has just been dismal. I for one and yes you can give me as much shit as possible for it I am waiting for Halo 4 , Soulcalibur V , GTA V and the next COD. Stay tuned for more info as I grab it and make it as available as possible...find me online at Liquid Xanadu or we are holding Clan tryouts for MW3 for our clan GTD ( Guns Tits and Drugs. )

Dueces Bitches !SIgn Off


The future… or is it ?

Well well well what have we here. A tale of ducktaped spoons , shovels , golf clubs and strainers ?? No I'm not talking about the latest Saint's Row 3 but I am speaking about the upcoming and highly anticipated RPG of South Park. That's right gingers be on the lookout for Kyle , Kenny , Stan , and that lovable fat ass Cartman. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have teamed up with Obsidian to give the long running series the game it deserves. This should shape up to be the first true South Park game seeing as T & M had no hand or part in any of the others. Obsidian fresh off of KOTOR II ( Knights of the Old Republic 2 ) had to send out a company wide e-mail to determine who would be comfortable working on this title with T & M..only 2 said no..( f***ing Losers !!! ).

You start off by making a new kid on the block character and taking him through the quiet mountain town that is going to be full scale and battle kids all over in different locals as you see fit. Apparently, there will be five classes to select from including wizard, rogue, adventurer and paladin, as well as an unannounced "unconventional" fifth class. Chef? Scientologist? Canadian? It could be anything. I'm just hoping that Mecha-Streisand turns up as a boss battle.

Now let's turn our focus to GTA V. I got in touch with my friend at Rockstar Dan Houser and he still is mum on everything. This game is set to be so super secret it's not even funny. It takes place in Los Santos which if you've been under a rock forever is a part of San Andreas.  Golf , hookers , jets all are here and I am waiting for a build demo to run through and tell more but I don't think it's going to happen til I meet up with them at E3 in L.A. next year.

Anybody remember the game SSX Tricky ?? You know the insane snowboarding game that let you do the most absurd moves like the upside down 1080 meloncholy into the goofy stance 1440 Rodeo backflip. Well wait no more because due out Feb.14th EA Canada is releasing it's much loveed game and it looks fantastic.

A few new releases due out in 2012 are a new yes i said new as in Scott Pilgrim new new Devil May Cry and a game I am looking forward to called Lollipop Chainsaw.

A quick review now...WWE 12 sucks poop for you. The new Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a must buy for this holiday season. If santa doesn't get you that in your stocking then shove Blitzen and Donner up his fat red ass.

Halo 10th Anniversary

OMG !! Ok for those that know me this is known as Gaylo to me and shut up. This is the original and this is the reason I made the Sony ship jump many moons ago. That being said I love the ORIGINAL..not 2 or 3 or 4 or recon. Now that we have gotten through that this game is awesome. You can use the Kinect to voice commands like grenade or reload. This is so much fun. Analyze and scan the environment to learn about things and access them in the Halo library. I played with the flashlight for hours just saying flashlight and found myself firing aimlessly just to be able to say reload...and it really works. t=This I feel is a big step in the right direction for games to go when it comes to kinect functionality. I enjoyed using the controller and voice prompts to decimate the ever ending baddies. I give this remake  out of 5 because let's face is still Gaylo !
PoopPoopPoopPoopNo poop

That will do it for me. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @LiquidXanadu and Xbox live Radio Saturdays at 5pm EST. Dueces |\| () () b 5

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News News and More News !

Talking to some friends I have learned of a few new things coming in the near future...mainly I'm talking about next-gen consoles and technology that will fuel them. Working with the Unreal 3 engine which has powered and amazed us time after time again will now be a thing of the past...hello Unreal 4 engine. I was as excited as ever to view some of the inner workings at Epic and they are gearing up for big things in the future. Square Enix has just as much pull with the DirectX 11 technology the has such photorealism that I can't tell the difference between it and a photo.

Who's going to use this yummy tech...why the next gen consoles of course. Launching in 2014 will be the Playstation4 ( Boo ! ) and of course the reigning champion of all Xbox Next. Microsoft is gearing up their Next creative team led by Jeff Faulkner and Patrick Corrigan as lead graphic designer.  More news will be to come as soon as I can pick it out as a lot of companies are being hush hush and even my friends have to be tight lipped about some things.

Capcom has announced a Devil May Cry HD collection for $39.99 slated for an early 2012 release. It includes the original DMC , DMC 2 and DMC 3 : Dante's Awakening Special Edition.  Sony Online was hacked again and 93,000 accounts were signed in. Just wanted to throw that in there cause they are just useless and clueless when it comes to online dominance. GTA V has been slated for a 3rd quarter release as it will use E3 no doubt to create buzz. Buzz ? Are you kidding me ? Does it need it ? Bring on the hookers and blow.

Soulcalibur V is looking sweet as candy as it is announced that AC's own Ezio will be making an appearance. Still trying to get my hands on a working demo and when I do will have more to tell...Soulcalibur V hits stores in 2012. However I did get my hands on n early demo of the new Rainbow Six game titled Rainbow Six : Patriots. This is like nothing we have ever seen as it brings it home and into the present as you do battle against your fellow countrymen. With reasons from Wall St. to the economy there are many to contend with but at a deadly price. Flash mobs , Human shields , shooting hostages to neutralize the bigger threat are all things that you are going to have to deal with and make decisions about.  I can't talk about much but what I can say is that I will have more when I can release more. Just like I can't talk much about Mass Effect 3 but that's what I like...a tease.

Stay tuned for more news I bring to you about Darksiders 3 , Ninja Gaiden 3 and a game called Binary Domain.  Coming up don't miss my reviews of Rayman Origins , Saints Row the Third , and Need for Speed : The Run

Dueces Bitches

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Modern Warfare 3

While Call of Duty games have become formulaic at this point, as evidenced by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's muddled narrative and at times frustrating design, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have refined and polished the Modern Warfare experience to produce the best of the series with the third installment. Everything about the campaign is bigger, better and more epic than anything we have ever seen in a previous Call of Duty game, including several moments in the game that make you sit back and wonder "Wow, I cannot believe they actually went there. "The biggest thing that stuck with us about the campaign is the grand scale of it all, and the game takes you from New York to Africa to London and many other locations around the globe, which works very well for a game that essentially depicts World War III.

Still, Modern Warfare 3's campaign suffers from a run of the mill story and the patented Call of Duty monster closet syndrome, a common shooter ailment that occurs when infinitely spawning enemies pour from around corners, doors and stairs without end. At several points enemies even appear to completely disregard their own safety if it means they can run past your allies and just shoot you in the face. But then again, thats' what multiplayer is for. So many hours of upgrades and leveling and action and frustration because omg how did that guy kill me from all the way over there. Cue shrieking and yelling and 12-year-olds saying horrible things to people twice their age. It's all part of the COD online experience.

All of the sixteen new maps are fun to play and, with a whole new slew of challenges to complete, rewards constantly pop up and keep you hooked with the next little endorphin rush. No matter whether I play for five minutes or five hours, multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 always makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. The ubiquitous RPG-ish leveling system for online FPSes returns here, wherein you unlock new guns (though each gun must be leveled individually -- which is pretty awesome). As does the majority of the game types. The three biggest additions / changes in multiplayer come in the forms of Survival/Spec Ops (MW2's 2-player co-op), Killstreaks and a multiplayer mode called Kill Confirmed.

The controls feel as good as ever, and that same sense of exhilaration and speed that comes from a great round of multiplayer still exists. Like past Call of Duty games, occasional moments where one team totally dominates the other due to Assault Strike Package rewards still happen, but overall this remains a slight annoyance when weighed against the rest of the multiplayer package.

The line "If it ain't broke" works perfectly when describing CoD: MW3, because while it is basically more of the same, it's still the best FPS franchise on the market. The minor complaints regarding the short-lived single-player experience are easily outweighed by the game's epic scale and multiplayer additions. A must-own for all fans of the franchise or FPS games in general. Despite its flaws, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 takes the fantastic series we’ve come to love over the years and iterates on it with great success. The multiplayer is hands-down the best it has ever been, with more features, more modes and a ton of new levels and ways to interact via Call of Duty Elite. The singleplayer campaign and Spec Ops mode add value to the overall package, creating something that may not be perfect, but is too damn addicting to pass up. I absolutely give this a masterful 5 out of 5 unicorn fact I refuse to wipe because I want to carry this stink with me Hoo-Rah !!!

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And the award goes to ….

Goldeneye Reloaded

Very excited for this game when I heard about it at E3 and let me say it doesn't disappoint one bit. This is the way that Goldeneye is meant to be played with that little extra. I was thinking it was going to be like when they released Perfect Dark in HD but it is not. The levels are redone and retouched so there will be no running through them if you are a Goldeneye master like me. Still keeps the same basis of the original level wise just added a few more secrets and fun grenade tossing sniper rifle fun. Multiplayer is everything you would want and more. I was finally glad to see somebody tinker and toy with the model that has become the basis really of what all multiplayer FPSs are built from.  But while Reloaded greatly deviates from its source material, lovers of the original will appreciate how the game plays with your expectations, making for some interesting takes on classic scenes. While it lacks the charm of the original and the polish of other modern shooters, overall you’ll find a great experience that was just a few tweaks away from being amazing. I give it 4 out of 5 unicorn poops.
PoopPoopPoopPoopNo poop

Elderscrolls V : Skyrim

One of the most fully-realized, easily enjoyable, and utterly engrossing role-playing games ever made. This is what an RPG is all about. The visuals have been dramatically improved over the last Elder Scrolls game. Beautiful scenery makes the inclination to obsessively scour Skyrim's landscapes irresistible. Mountains shrouded in mist ring every tract of open field, forest and marsh. The Elder Scrolls series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced. Despite the enormity of the world and the colossal amount of content contained within, little feels random and useless. Skyrim's land mass is absolutely stuffed with content and curiosities, making every step you take, even if it's through what seems like total wilderness, an exciting one, as something unexpected often lies just over the next ridge. Characters stereotype based on race, they double-cross at even the slightest hint it might be profitable, and they react to your evolving stature within the world. This is a world that rewards the obsessive and the adventurous, one where creative quest designs are the standard across primary and secondary storylines, not the exception. For such a complex game, Skyrim is surprisingly user-friendly. The Elder Scrolls' traditional leveling mechanics still apply. This game will be at the top of everyone's list for either christmas or game of the year. I give it a serious 5 out of 5 poops and to be honest...I'm not even going to wipe.


I will now take this time to say that I am still in the middle of my MW3 blog and it will be my only post. I play more and more and find more and more that I want to add. I will post in a couple days before my Halo 10th anniversary review and I review Kinect Sports season two and Dance Central 2. til then you know the drill. Oil the tinman and don't scare the lion cause Dorothy's aunt flo is in.

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Veteran’s Day – 2011

Veteran's day is upon us and it is time for those to honor veterans whether they be young or old.

It has seem that people the last decade have really taken an appreciation for veterans and given them the respect that they deserve. It would seem like it should be that way but it hasn't always been that way for some reason. Yeah more then half the veterans might not of actually put their life on the line but 99% of people don't even serve in the armed forces, so take that into consideration when you might see someone who did serve but didn't do much and you jus blow them off or show them disrespect.

When I was was younger it just always seemed like the only veterans I possibly knew we're my grandpa's age when in reality they are all over the place and as I get older I find that out more and more each year but a lot of them don't always go on and on about it. They figured they were just doing their job and why should they receive praise for that.

I am a lot like that. I personally served six plus year in the Marine Corps Reserves with a year of that being activated during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I didn't do hardly anything besides what was asked of me and I tend to not go out seeking rewards or praise for what I did. I most times don't really know what to do when somebody finds out I was a vet and thanks me for my service because as soon as they do my mind immediately goes to the men and women that actually gave their lives for our country.

Even people like my great uncle who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor when he was stationed on the U.S.S Oklahoma and was thrown from the ship during the attack as he was headed towards church service. He was also later involved in the Midway Conflict. he survived all that was just recently passed away this year.

It is people like him that all of us, even other veterans, that I think we should be celebrating and honoring the most. But that isn't the way things work and it is still a great honor to be recognized on days like this.


***Warning this is a rant post. If you might be offended then please don’t read ***

Son of a whore ! If one more person gets in my way on the I-70 W exit I am going to total your shit. I'm so sick of these people getting in an exit only lane only to get over to continue on 435 N. Exit only means just that you dumb fucks. Learn how to use your turn signal too. It's right next to your fat pork pie fingers that are either wrapped around your phone or a McDonalds cup. Flip it or I'm going to flip you and I hope your kids in the car and I do damage because your the one to blame for your illegal lane change. I also can't for the life of me understand why foreigners try to start a conversation with me. Do I look Korean or Indian ? Piss off before I cause you an extreme amount of emotional pain about how half your kids are buried in a shallow jungle grave.  On another topic now this Rick Perry piece of shit thing. I didn't know what the big deal was til I saw it. You said oops ? Big Fucking deal ! Oh but wait you said it live ? In a debate ? Are you retarded ? Did you take some of Trigg Palins retardation ? Your career is over bro. You created doubt to the voters. You create doubt as a magician not a politician. You got your icians all fucked up and out of whack. I haven't seen anything this funny since Bush senior puked on the Premier of Japan or baby Bush tried to open the door and couldn't because it was locked. Seems like both couldn't do anything without tricky Dicks help. Damn what is it with this country. Fuck the 99% because I pay my taxes and that puts me at the 53%. Get a job you dumbass or vote these dicks out of office. You do understand that's how it works in this country right ? Maybe if your worthless ass would put down the sign and pick up a pen the country wouldn't be in this mess. Stop speaking for me when half of you don't even speak english. You can spell it but can't give me proper change back. Do me a favor and go get molested by Herman Cain. Man you people piss me off...thank you for your time even though I'm paying for your medicaid and food stamps and anything else you leeches care to suck up...but I guess I make up for it by buying your foreclosure for a dollar and selling it while you remain that why this occupy crap is going's not a revolution..just a bunch of foreclosures having a picnic in the park ! Dueces bitches

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