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Comets secure playoff postition with a 15-11 win over the Wings

Comets came into this game after a brutal match against the Chicago Soul which saw the Comets get just one goal and that wasn't till the final seconds of the game. The best thing for the Comets would have been to just forget about it and focus on winning this game and getting a playoff spot.

1st QTR
This quarter started off much like the last game which saw the Comets playing well but not even getting shoes off, but allowing the Wings to score three goals and take an 0-6 lead. The Comets needed to quickly change things or this game could have easily ended the same way as the previous match.

2nd QTR
Not sure what the Comets Head Coach said during the break but the Comets found the spark they needed and took the lead in under two minutes of the 2nd quarter which included two 3-point goals from Brian Harris. That was pretty much it though besides both teams trading a lot of fouls. The Comets seemed happy to take an 8-6 lead into the half.

3rd QTR
Again before I forget Comets GK Danny Waltman had some huge saves that the Wings really should have scored on and was sure to be frustrating the Wings and the harder they tried the worse it seem to get but the Comets weren't pushing back enough and the Wings were finally able to net a tieing goal.

4th QTR
Started off a bit nerve racking as the Wings retook the lead only 30 seconds into the 4th quarter. The Comets then seemed to gain a calmness about them and just took care of business netting three more goals to include a late 3-pointer to finalize the victory over the Wings 15-11.

With this win the Comets were able to secure their spot in the playoffs although it is not finalized as to wheter they will be playing against the Blast or the Wave, which should be determined after their final match up against the Chicago Soul which they recently played against before this Wings match up and hopefully they are looking for a bit of payback, but they may try to go light and just get prepared for the playoffs.


Comets get big victory over Wings to lead season series 3-1

Comets came into this game hoping to still ride the high from the much needed and big win over Syracuse. The Comets have done fairly well at home this season but have still had their struggles. The Wings have really picked up the pace lately to even include beating the Comets in their last match up in Whicita. So this game was sure to be an interesting one. The way these two teams play each other it is never surprising to see somebody ejected before the end.

1st Quarter
I mentioned something about being interesting before and the first quarter didn't dissappoint. The Comets took an early lead and it was clear that this game was going to be physical. The Comets saw three blue cards and a yellow card in the first quarter which is something you normally don't see in an entire game. Regardless the Wings were able to take a 7-3 lead over the Comets with one of their goals being a 3 point goal that took a deflection off Leo Gibson who seemed to be trying to get out of the way for GK Waltman to make the save but just didn't work out.

2nd Quarter
Just as entertaining as the first quarter was the second quarter was as well but quite a bit milder as the Comets were able to keep all their players on the field for the entire quarter. That helped the Comets to pull ahead of the Wings 14-9 at the end of the second quarter. Sosa scored two fo the five goals in this quarter which gave the Comets a huge lift.

3rd Quarter
I mentioned that this game would most likely get an ejection and with the way the Comets kept getting fouls against the Wings I would of figured it would have been a Comets player. Well actually it was a former Comets player and current Wings player Geison that ended up being ejected. This was a good thing as the Comets continued to play much like they did to end the first half netting three more goals all being two pointer, but more importantly the Comets kept the Wings scoreless to take a 20-9 lead to end the third quarter.

4th Quarter
Luckily this game ended with only one player being sent off, which is really quite surprising but also a good thing as I'm also surprised there was no major injuries. The Comets were able to finish off the Wings scoring another two goals and only allowing the Wings to score one goal in this quarter. The Comets are probably pretty happy to string together two wins back to back as they closed out this game 24-11 and get set to play again shortly against the Wave.

Winning can be contagious and hopefully the Comets have been able to catch it and can get themselves back on track to make a run into the playoffs and potentionally at the championship, but there are still a lot of games left and time will tell.


Comets pick up second victory against the Wings during weekend series

It was kind of hard for me to watch this game as closely as I wanted to as Sporting was also playing their first leg play and not very good I might add. The Comets on the other hand were playing very well and controlling the game that they were in over the Wichita Wings and in Wichita for that matter just a couple days after having a huge comeback win over the Wings. It didn't seem like it was a huge game especially with it being early in the season, second game to be exact, but it pretty much went just as expected. This game really could of gone either way but the Comets being the more seasoned team with the better more veteran players they were able to cruise to a 19-10 victory despite the Wichita Wings best efforts.

I believe if the Wings, or as I have kind of called them Comets B squad as they have four former Comets on their squad now, keep up playing like they play then they should be a solid squad all year long and could be pushing not only for a playoff spot but possibly for a finals spot depending on how the Blast and the Wave do this year as well. Regardless it is just the beginning of the season and both the Comets and the Wings have to play each other a couple more times and we can fully expect those to be big games, unless something drastic and bad happens, and these teams will continue to duke it out whenever they play each other and those will be matches that you don't want to miss.

I obviously watch the Comets as closely as I can but I think this year that I am going to have to try and keep close tabs on the Wings and how they do during the season so that I can be more informed and thus be able to inform all my fellow readers even more besides just all my Comets knowledge. This season has just gotten underway but I am still super pumped and will enjoy every minute I can of this season and only hope that I can provide good coverage of each game I get to watch. Luckily a lot if not all of the games will be streamed live on so if you get a chance, and I suggest you find the time, to watch some games then I seriously suggest that you do that.


50/50 Ball: Comets go on 16-0 run against Wings to pull off 0-13 deficit comeback and win home opener

Wow wow wow! What a way to start off the season for both teams the Missouri Comets and Wichita Wings. I said in my preview that it was going to be a good game and although most of the first two quarters looked like the Wings were the better team the Comets found a way to comeback and go on a 16 point unanswered streak and only allowed one PK late in the fourth quarter to successfully pull off the comeback and sealing it off with a last second additional goal to allow the Comets to win their home opener 18-15 in front of 5,126 fans.

The Wings again looked like the better team for most of the first two quarters playing very aggressive but surprisingly both teams kept it very clean in those first two quarters as nobody was ever sent off with a Blue or Yellow card, even with both teams getting, not a lot, but a few amount of fouls between each team. Wings seemed to come in fully ready for the games and found a rhythm early that the Comets just couldn't seem to get into to also include Danny Waltman the Comets star goalkeeper. The Comets just seemed to be lacking something until very late in the second quarter when they were able to start their 16 point unanswered run. The Comets continued to dominate the game with a very good rhythm for the last two quarters of the game and completely shutting the Wings out in the third quarter and the first twelve minutes of the fourth quarter only allowing the one PK.

The Comets seemed to play a bit of a different game then you see most indoor teams play and tried to keep it as slow as they could with times of aggressiveness. That tactic doesn't seem to often work for the any indoor team but the Comets were able to find a way to make it work and as long as they keep teams from scoring, not to include the first two quarters of play, then they should do alright. This was definitely an interesting game just as I suspected to say the least and these two teams play each other again in just a couple of days on Sunday but this time it will be in Wichita for the Wings home opener.


Preview: Missouri Comets set to kick off what should be a good season against Wichita Wings

Well it is time for hot winter nights to return to the Kansas City area as the Comets are set to kick of their 2012-13 season in just a few hours against a team that they had some really great matches against last season in the Wichita Wings. Let me say that I am glad that this is the first game of the Comets season as I am first a fan followed closely by the blogging that I do and both these teams I am a fan of, the Wings a little less so for obvious reasons, but I firmly believe that this match up and the one Sunday will be some of the best this year even with it being some of the first games of the season.

The Comets have been able to return most of their team that allowed them to make a decent run in the playoffs last year along with signing a few new players including Craig Rocastle who signed with the Comets for a day last year before heading back to Greece to play for the rest of the season. Craig had played a few seasons with Sporting and should really help the Comets with adding some hight over the competition in the MISL. I fully expect the Comets to have a season much like last year possibly with a few missteps but every good team will recover from those steps and become even better and because of that I believe they should have a better chance at making it to the MISL Finals this season.


Comets – Wings (14Jan12)


This (most likely) final head-to-head match up between the Comets and the Wings looked to be be record a crowd as the teams duked it out the entire match inside the Sprint Center for the NSCAA Convention that has been in downtown KC area for that past couple of days. Final attendance for the game was announced at 8,276 people which is probably the most in the MISL since its return and is around 3,000 more people then the Independence Event Center can hold, so it definitely made for an incredible atmosphere.

- Did a great job going back and forth with the Wings and had a very decent game all the way up to the end of the game. Even the end of the game was good for the Comets despite them falling just short of beating the Wings again, but honestly when you play a team 4 times in one season you kind of know what the other team is like, what they are capable of and then you are able to kind of work around that. The Comets did provide a very entertaining game though.

- Defense seemed to collapse just a little too much and kept letting the Wings comeback into game when with plenty of chances to possibly further the lead or even close the game out. Most of the goals that the Comets allowed I think could of been stopped, or at least a couple of them which is all they needed, if the defense would of been just a little more solid. It is kind of impressive how the Comets had such a great defense at the beginning of the season, but has really seemed to start faltering lately.

- Great job of holding off the Comets at the end of the game as well as being able to come back numerous times. Really the entire game the Wings were very much in this game and they were looking for revenge after losing to the Comets at Wichita a couple weeks ago. I won't say that they were out for blood, because they knew the Comets wouldn't allow that, but they I think it is safe to say that they might of snuck away with 3 points from this game.

- Not much really bad to say about them as they really worked probably as hard as they possibly could to get that win. They probably would of liked the game to not be so close, but that just means it was a great game. I'm sure anybody doesn't want any game to be that close of a game, but that just means it is a great game. Indoor soccer honestly I think should probably be doing a lot better in America then it should, because it is faster paced and more of an american style thing where they don't even allow ties. The only thing I can think of that is really competing with more people paying attention to indoor soccer is hockey. Somehow I seemed to get away from what I was trying to talk about there, but I think everybody gets the idea of what I'm trying to say. It is a good thing to have such a close game even if nobody seems to like it.