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RP 099 – Pacman Movie

Yeah I don't know how that would work either?


RP 092 – Alien Invaders the Movie

Coming to a theater near you?


RP 069 – Joker Arkham Asylum

Pretty cool image that came out before the Batman:Arkham Asylum Video Game. Stay tuned for more images coming soon that should be from the sequel Arkham City.


RP 051 – Metroid Prime Movie?

I have never really played Metroid or Metroid Prime or any of the games from that serious, but I always thought that the main character was a guy, because most games at the time this series started didn't have female characters (or female gamer/players really) but I guess that would be hair hanging out from the back of the suit, that I just never really paid any mind too. Probably because I never played the game, had I of ever played then I probably would of know. Any way this picture was taken from the commercial of the possible(?) upcoming movie.


RP 048 – Starwars Force Unleashed 2

What can I say, I loved this game. Well not the second one yet, but I know that I will, the first one was killer, and you should check it out and then buy the sequel for me. (Xbox 360 please)