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MLS All Stars don’t seem to be much of a match against Serie A AS Roma


Well I had originally thought that, and judging from last years MLS game against Chelsea, the MLS All-Stars would be able to pull out an exciting victory over Serie A team AS Roma. AS Roma is not an AC Milan, Inter Milan or a team quite like that but they do hold their own over the last couple seasons and after this match appear to be making a push for higher positioning.

As soon as the game started you could tell that AS Roma was on a mission and judging from how the game ended it was kind of suprising to me that it didn't end 5-0 in favor of AS Roma. The Italian team just seemed bigger, faster, stronger and by far more technical then just about anybody on the MLS All Star squad. They were attacking the ball very well and maintaining possession of the ball with ease and scoring pretty early in the 4th minute. MLS was able to eventually settle down and maintain a little bit of possesion and get the ball down towards AS Roma's goal but couldn't ever quite get anything solid going and really pose a threat until later in the game and then were not able to net a goal until stoppage time in the second half but the damage from AS Roma had already been done as they had been able to score three goals to the MLS's lone goal.

All in all it was a fun and exciting game to watch even if it was quite the beat down at the hands of AS Roma, but I almost got the impression that they were not going to play lately and came out looking to do exactly what they did. The last couple of MLS All Star matches have been against Chelsea from the EPL and most people pretty much know how they will do each season but it could be interesting to see how this AS Roma team does in the upcoming season.


Preview: #SportingKC take on NY RedBulls on ESPN 2(/3) for 1st place

I feel like I have been saying it a lot lately, but this game is another one of those games for Sporting KC that should be a huge through down as Sporting is looking to continue their dominate run in the MLS that is seeing them just a few points shy of league leaders San Jose but will be going up against a team that is chasing them down in the points in their own division and both teams will be fighting for first place in their division this match up and in the upcoming weeks. NY is sure to do everything they can to try and take out Sporting this match as it is almost sure that both of these teams will be duking it out in the upcoming weeks to try and ensure good seeding for the playoffs.

With both these teams trying to knock each other out I would almost expect this game to end in a draw, but I'm sure one of these two teams will be able to get at least one goal and hopefully for Sporting they will be able to get one past the new goalkeeper for NY who has had four shutouts in just seven games which is a pretty impressive stat, but the redbulls have not had to play Sporting yet who just seems to be playing a different game then most teams of late. Regardless this is sure to be a very entertaining match and good on television experts to realize that and have the game on ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 online.


50/50 Ball: #USMNT – Scotland


USA Men's National Team is entering themselves as their head coach Jurgen Klinsmann a sort of a tournament to really push the team as they played Scotland in their first of five games in just a matter of about 15 days. This is sure to be a good test for them as they started off against Scotland. A game that at the beginning thought was going to be a good one, but something seemed to fall apart for Scotland as the USA Men's team beat up on Scotland 5-1 and looked pretty good doing it.

- Would like to point out that they did come to play and its not like they just rolled over and let USA beat them. They fought pretty hard through out the match but sometimes it just isn't your day and I firmly believe that this was one of those days for Scotland.

- Obviously you would like to think that they should of kept USA from scoring five goals through out the entire match up, but they just couldn't seem to do any thing to stop the USA. A good portion of the first half was pretty relaxed, but then the USA seemed to come out in the second half and just turn the afterburners on against Scotland.

- I seriously couldn't not believe they way the USA side seemed to be playing and they seriously looked like a really good squad and could be set for some really good things in the near future and we all can only hope that something like this continues.

- People would like to take this game seriously but it also appears that Scotland is one of the lowest ranking (depending on how you would like to look at the FIFA and ELO rankings as I know several people that think both are a complete waste of time) teams that the USA has played recently and the game looked just like that as well.

We will really see how serious this USMNT team is in their next match up as they play against Brazil who as everybody, even people that don't follow soccer know, is one of the top powerhouse teams in the world over the last several decades.


USMNT – Venezuela


I have been terrible lately about watching some of the US Men's National Team game friendly matches, but I decided that I should probably be a little more invested in this as it had the possibility of having three Sporting KC players representing the US in the match. So it was really nice to see two Sporting player, Zusi and Bunbury, starting the match and later Sapong came on for Zusi. All of the Sporting players did exceptionally well and all of them had some sort of shot at the goal and definitely contributed to helping the team. But I digress because this isn't a Sporting KC blog post, which I could easily do, but instead a USMNT blog post. So lets get to it shall we?

- For the most part I thought that all the players did very well with players like Bunbury, Zusi, Jones, Feilhaber, Parkhurst, and a few more like Sapong and Shea helping out a lot as well. There were plenty of chances for the US side to take a lead but didn't see the ball hit the inside of the net till stoppage time of the second half, but it was enough to get them the victory over Venezuela.

- Should of scored more goals than the one that they did. Not to say that Venezuela's goalkeeper didn't do a great job, but if US want to be a better competitor then they are going to have to put sides like Venezuela away pretty handedly and they pretty much failed to do that. There is also a lot to be said that quite a few of these players were newer to representing the US, but there is also the argument that should help the US.

- The goalkeeper could of possibly one the man of the match for both teams stopping at least three if not more shots that could of easily made the US cruise to an easy victory, but at least the whole team fought, but just a bit less then probably some of the defenders and goal keeper did. Were able to hold the US to just a one goal games and were possibly less then a minute away from getting a nil-nil draw, which I'm sure they would of probably preferred.

- This game could of been really bad, I mean nothing like 14-0 bad as Venezuela were fighting back and could of just as easily had a couple goals themselves but really besides the couple chances that they took had no other game that ever really put the US team back on their heals and just let the US keep attacking at the goal. It is kind of a surprise that the score of the game wasn't any different. It also goes to show that maybe it is not a wise idea to try and get the scoreless draw especially after creating a huge stink about a simple foul that wasn't ever really a foul and US ended up getting the ball for a free kick anyway.


Jermaine Jones Suspended 8 Games


Today it was announced that Jermaine Jones, a german player that has been playing at midfielder for the US Men's National Soccer team because his father is American, would be suspended for 8 games due to him stomping and breaking an opposing players foot.

I recently watched the video and he clearly steps on the players foot, but it can be questioned as to if it really was intentional in my opinion. It seems to me though that it was taken as intentional because Jones has kind of become known as a bad boy imaged player in the league and was later even red-carded in the same game that he broke the other player's toe.

I tend to be a person that give other people the benefit of the doubt, but regardless 8 games seems to be a bit harsh and it seems that the Bundesliga is almost trying to set an example of him. That or could it be that the German league is going to be hard on him because he is considered American? That part I don't know for all I know he could be highly regarded over in Germany, but that also goes with out saying that he could possibly be hated, and has this attitude about him lately because everybody gives him a hard time? Neither thing would surprise me.

Even Jones coach said that 8 games seemed a bit harsh and that the team was going to appeal it, which I'm sure it will be reduced to something between 3-5 in which case he has already served part of it then it will seem like he is getting an extended break. That is unless it is 5 games, then it will just be a much longer break.

I think that he is looking to prove himself and is playing in the Bundesliga because it is a league that he knows that he can play in and is overseas thus keeping him from playing in the MLS and possibly being lumped in with a bunch of the other MLS players that most consider not to be of US team caliber, even though most of those people don't see the type of progress that MLS is making.

I kind of am not sure why I decided to write this post. I think it is partially because there is something about Jones that I really like and add that with the idea that I am really wanting to push this blog into new areas. Still seems weird to me though that I choose something like this to start really pushing myself more, but I guess you have to start somewhere right?


79/100 Politics

Something that I have never, nor probably will ever understand is Politics. I understand the need for politics, but I feel like I just don't understand how politics work. Yes even despite having to take an American Government class in High School. But honestly who seems to ever understand politics?

Obama is the recent person elected to be the President of the United States of America. Most people seemed to love him and he was suppose to bring forth all these major changes. After only 100 days he already had people that completely flipped on him and thought he was almost worse then Bush (either one.) I had a close friend that was actually getting me somewhat interested in the 2008 political race and they were a heavy supporter of Obama, but now after 2 years, they along with almost everybody else that supported him are ready for yet more change.

I have had a great deal of leadership training, and have had to deal with politics a lot, especially during my time in the military, but like I said before. I don't think I will ever understand them, and honestly I almost feel like I'm too the point that I don't care. Yeah I want things to be better, but I think the simple fact that it will be damn near impossible in today's world. Nobody can seem to do anything right.

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41/100 Old Glory

The United States Flag also sometimes called Old Glory is what some might call the logo of America. It is without a doubt probably the most reconigzed symbol in the world. Flags, paintings, murals, attire, decals for cars, badges, pins, or what have you. It has a much bigger reason for being the way that it is, but I don't think most people know just how important it truly is.

The entire flag has a reason for being the way that it is, especially with the 13 white and red stripes. There are all sorts of reasons to use it for decoration, but there is etiquette that should be followed especially when putting the flag on display. Particular days that it should be displayed include the 4th of July (Independence Day), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day.

Not only do all federal facilities desplay the flag everyday, but there are several loacations that display the flag continuosly to include The White House, Washingtong Monument, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, the South Pole and the Moon.

Being an American is a very honoring thing and I make sure to display my patriotism accordingly and I suggest you do too. If you don't have a flag, first, why the hell not and second go get one right now and make sure you have it on full display on Independence Day. Just do me a favor and keep the fireworks away from Old Glory, please.


17/100 US Men’s Soccer Team

Recently it has come to my attention that the United States Men's Soccer Team has been coming under a lot of fire about not being American.

This really isn't that big of a deal, when it comes to soccer, because a lot of national teams are the same way, some worse then others. The US team isn't any different. I think that people are just making a big deal about it, because we are Americans and we are proud of that. I assure thought that every player is American in some aspect. They might have different nationalities, but what American doesn't now days.

Here are just a few of the players that are on the US National Team:
Landon Dononvan-Everybody seems to love, and he currently plays for the LA Galaxy and has played overseas. His Father is from Canada, but he was born in California.
Jozy Altidore-Has played in the MLS, and currently plays overseas. Both parents are from Haite, but he was born in New Jersey.
Tim Howard-The highly tauted Goal Keeper for US this year, currently plays in the English Premier League. Mother is from Hungary. Tim was born and raised in New Jersey.
Benny Feilhaber-Although wasn't born in the US, has been in the US since the age of 6, and was born in Brazil, so I guess you could say he is Southern American?

Honestly I think everybody just needs to relax, and enjoy the 2010 World Cup. These players are commited to playing for the US, even if they play in a different overseas league. Here is a little hint, that means they are better. American Soccer cannot typically hold a candle to European Soccer, but it seems like we are getting there.


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