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KC Chief Team Needs and Potential Free Agent Targets


One of the biggest concerns for the chiefs is along the line of scrimmage, on both sides of the ball.

First they need to draft someone to play OT. The revolving door of B. Richardson/R. O'Callahan is not going to cut it anymore. We need a full time right tackle, or an all-pro left tackle and move B. Albert to the other side. We only allowed 32 sacks in 16 games in the regular season which is roughly 2 per game. Then we had Baltimore come in during the playoffs and we gave up 3. We could easily cut our sack total down to 1.5 per game and save Cassel 8 unnecessary slams to the ground with a tackle upgrade. Both D. Free of DAL and M. Yanda (BAL) re-signed with their 2010 teams. There is still the possibility of a W. Colon (PIT) or T. Clabo (ATL). Colon is coming off an Achilles injury and Clabo is coming off a pro-bowl which my inflate his stock. Both are an immediate upgrade.

On the other side of the ball we need to add a solid prototypical, pro-bowl talent NT. Not an average, or okay guy who can play 2 downs then gets gassed. We need someone who demands a double team 3 for a 3 down series and who clogs up that middle so our LB's are free to make the big hits. B. Cofield just agreed to terms with Washington so he is off the board, but there is still the possibility of A. Franklin (SF). He is coming off of 2 great years where he amassed 75 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 passes deflected and an interception. Combined, both Edwards and Smith had 88 tackles, 3 sacks, 4 passes deflected and 0 interceptions. At 6'-1" and 315 lb. he would fill a great need and would help solidify the defense as a whole. Maybe keep both Edwards and Smith as rotational players, but if we had to dump one I would say let go of Smith. I would also not put it past the Chiefs to target B. Mebane (SEA) with his 80 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 2 passes deflected in the same time frame.

We could also use some help at the OLB position.  Hali is on the right and Vrabel is on the in he left to go coach at Ohio State.  That leaves Studebaker.  While I believe he will do fine, I would feel more comfortable if we replaced Vrabel with a more seasoned player and still allowed Stud. to grow.  M. Lawson (SF) is available.  He is coming off a so-so season.  He is not a great pass-rusher, he only had 2.5 sacks in 2010, but he is a very complete player.  The Chiefs may pass on him because they need to apply pressure to QB's.  We had 39 sacks (9 behind the leader PIT), which is a far improvement from the 08' campaign where we only had 10.  Maybe the target a DE to play the OLB position such as J. Babin (TEN) or R. Edwards (MIN).  Both are coming off a 15+ sacks, and 55 and 71 tackle performances respectively since 2009.  You know what they say..."Speed Kills", and having a Babin/Edwards on one side and Hali on the other...the opposing QB's better hurry and dump that ball.

Another concern that the Chiefs need to field is just backup players along the O-line.  It is an aging line with Waters (34), Wiegmann (38), and I will include Lilja (29) because of his leg injuries.  Maybe target Guard H. Dahl (ATL) or J. Blalock (ATL).  KC also drafted R. Hudson from Fl. State and he can play either G/C.  I just think that they need some depth because age and injuries can derail an O-line and if we want a repeat division championship, we need to keep our offense intact.

After that there are several spots where we can use some depth or an upgrade it the fit is good, but there are other more crucial needs.  We might look at adding another ILB to play along D. Johnson and J. Belcher.  Maybe a S. Tulloch (TEN), but he might be better suited for a 4-3.  FS is another potential need.  I like J. McGraw and I like  K. Lewis.  Maybe look at a D. Landry (BAL) or D. Manning (CHI) or M. Huff (OAK).  Both are good compliments to E. Berry, but may only serve as a slight upgrade from what we have now.

Then we have the "Dream" picks.  It would be nice to add these guys, but the Chiefs don't look to be in the market to sign any of them...but we can wish!

WR's S. Rice  (MIN), B. Edwards (NYJ). TE Z. Miller (OAK).  CB's N. Asomugha (OAK), J. Joseph (CIN).  There are a few more, but none of which are a the tops of their respective positions.

Keep an eye out for my next few posts which I will cover Kansas City Chiefs current moves and signings and discuss the season and predictions.

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